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  • Positive Quotes to Brighten Your Day By:-Jay Albert
    Everyone has bad days. The alarm doesn't go off, you run out of hot water, and the car won't start. It's enough to ruin your whole day, but a kind word or positive quote is sometimes the very thing that turns your day around.
  • How to buy wood fountain pens online By:-Jim Lanier
    For generations wood fountain pens have been treasured as one of the best and finest writing instruments. They are the most sought after pens worldwide. Every individual is unique and wishes to make unique impression with his/her possessions. Just like how a mobile or a watch speaks volumes about an individualís choice and taste for good things, so does a wood fountain pen.
  • Write your Success by Best Quality of Fountain Pens By:-Jim Lanier
    There is no doubt that we are writing far less than our parents used to. With the Internet and growth of other communication technology, the need to actually take a pen in your hand is becoming rare. But, when you do need to use a writing instrument, whether it is to sign an agreement or a check, let it be one that makes a great impression about you like a hand crafted Lanier Pen.
  • Write Your Success by best quality Pen Refills By:-Jim Lanier
    Just as selecting a perfect writing instrument is important to enhance your writing experience, so is the need for selecting the right pen refills as it enables you to write with ease and at the same time save you some money.
  • Get Paid to Write: How to Make Money in Three Days or Less By:-Harley Molina
    You've been on the fence about making money online. You really want to make an online income so you don't have to depend on a nine to five job working for a boss, but you don't have the first clue where to begin. Kick that little monster of fear in the rear and learn how you can get paid to write in three days or less.
  • Book Review: Harboring A Deep Secret By:-Todd Rutherford
    The Roberts, a prominent, small town family, has been harboring a deep secret and enabling a sick family member for too many years. Evil like this cannot stay silenced, especially with the ramped gossip among New Attica's intimacy-starved housewives and nosy neighbors. When Jenny Masters returns to her hometown 10 years after being abused and exiled by the Roberts, she has not forgiven, nor forgotten the long-term emotional suffering inflicted on her by Dr. Samuel Roberts' pedophilic ways and the family's "blood is thicker than water" mind-set. The Roberts' housekeeper sets the tone of the novel when she exclaims, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And I do believe that the Roberts family scorned that girl."
  • How Do I Advertise With Article Marketing? By:-Michelangelo Colombo
    From Overture, a keyword suggestion tool, you will observe the millions of searches done to a particular keyword. When these keywords are typed on search boxes of search engines like google and yahoo, indexed websites containing articles with those keywords is going to be displayed. And this is what leads traffic to websites with keyword-rich articles. Yes, the magic word is articles.
  • Book Review: Forest Trouble In Kerfubble By:-Todd Rutherford
    In What's the Trouble in the Forest of Kerfubble?, written by Roger Sulham and illustrated by spouse Jennifer, a family of hares panic after they hear a mysterious boom. One wakes the other two and they run off together crying through the forest, gathering forest animals until all the animals in the forest of Kerfubble are crying and stampeding from what they believe is an army of invading monsters. Published by Inkblot Press LLC, ISBN: 9780-9826414-9-1, this 32-page picture book and children's rhyming story is written for early readers up to age 9.
  • Book Review: A God Who Smiles? By:-Todd Rutherford
    Consider God for a moment. What is He like? Does He have a massive bushy beard hanging low from His chin towards the Earth as He teeters over a cloud to see and judge the world? Is He a skinny pacifist wandering around proclaiming His own deity, but unwilling or unable to defend Himself from the people He was preaching to? Is He even mindful of this small planet or does He have much more pressing cosmic matters to attend to?
  • Book Review: Leaping Into Faith By:-Todd Rutherford
    Norm Grant's spiritually transformative You Want Me to... What? Risking Life Change to Answer God's Call offers an engaging and powerful voice that anyone can relate to. His allegories, anecdotes, and witticisms deliver a powerful message while amusing readers and consistently maintaining their attention. Norm Grant asks us the difficult questions: What if God is calling us to action? What if we're too wrapped up in the daily routine of life to listen? "What if He were calling us to participate with Him in regenerating and reviving our lives, His church, the country, and the world?" He addresses the deepest fears in all of us, the feelings of unworthiness of being rescued and if we will really be saved if we let go, dispelling our excuses and fears; "That's what this book is about: inspiring all of us to write about what happens when we 'let go' and put our faith into action."
  • Book Review: Tracking The Bullet By:-Todd Rutherford
    Through an all-too-real story, Bell has pointed out why the gun control laws in effect today can't solve the real issue at hand. The book exposes how bullets are being supplied to the criminal community and why current gun control laws have failed to prevent this from happening. Furthermore, the book explains why only a gun regulation law using modern technology can thwart the supply of arms to criminals, without violating a person's Second Amendment rights.
  • Book Review: Crossing Color Lines By:-Todd Rutherford
    Crossing Color Lines is a wonderfully written saga spanning more than twenty years and represents the sixth novel that d. E. has penned. Crossing Color Lines asks uncomfortable questions in a day and age when many people are mistakenly celebrating a new found national color blindness, simply owing to the election of Barak Obama. The crux of the story comes back to, "if given the choice or ability to switch races, would you?"
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