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  • Great Gift Ideas For An Adult Christening By:-Criss White
    For the adult who is just getting baptized into the religion of choice, this is a memorable day, much like getting married. It takes a lot of thinking and decision making to finally settle on getting baptized into a religion that one was not born and raised into. The baptism is usually held in a church while the celebration after it is usually held somewhere else. Of course, just like any christening, the guests usually bring in christening gifts to welcome the new member and receive baptism favors in return from the hosts. But that is easier said than done as it is easier to get a gift for a baby than it is for an adult. Here are some gift suggestions for adult baptism gifts:
  • Nietzsche's Slave Morality - Why Morality Is Killing Us By:-David von Walland
    Friedrich Nietzsche clearly disdained Christianity because he believed that they tricked the Strong, or Noble, class into submission. Superior strength, domination, greed, and insatiable hunger and thirst characterize Nietzsche's Noble Class. The Priestly class, or the Christians, are defined in the opposite way: weak, humble, meager, so on and so forth. The Christian's morality, a slave morality, he believed was killing everyone. Nietzsche contended that the Priestly class tricked the Nobles by telling them, for example, that "to be the least is greatest," "to turn the other cheek is good," or "to love your enemies." The Priests created this lie to bring the Nobles to an equal playing field, and in doing so, completely tricked them into submission. As such, the Priest displayed their own "will to power." Nietzsche correctly stated that slave morality is killing everyone in light of his Proto-Existentialist thought. Furthermore, I will later show that although some act like violent and aggressive creatures while others do not does not sufficiently refute Nietzsche's arguments.
  • Inspire Everyone With Your Religious Checks By:-Alan Plastin
    Did you know that your personal checks can go through as many as 16 hands? When you write a check, you're not just making a financial decision, you are also passing along a message. Most checks are plain and boring, but if you want to send a truly, uplifting message then how about using religious themed checks?
  • Quieting The Mind By:-Shirley Hope
    There are several techniques to listen to God's Voice inside you. For many people, it transpires in an instant and very unanticipated as it does for me. For many individuals, nevertheless, it will take some time, energy, perseverance, and a regular practice of going within to hear this Voice much more visibly. Breathing is really a fantastic means to move your concentration and consciousness from the busyness of the thoughts within you into the peaceful spot within your head exactly where God's Voice can easily be heard.
  • New Techniques To Create Abundance By:-Millie Portman
    Creating abundance in life is not very difficult. If you know the law of attraction, you can create abundance using the power of law of attraction. You can create abundance in your life by having clear thoughts, focus, and intent.
  • Understanding The Role Of The Clairvoyant Today By:-Germayne Freedman
    A person with the abilities to gain information about certain locations, objects, situations, and physical events is known as a clairvoyant. A clairvoyant uses some unusual means to fetch all information about targets. Clairvoyant is derived from French where clair is clear and voyant is vision. Therefore, a person who has clear vision about distant things and locations is called a clairvoyant.
  • How To Be A Master Of Astral Projecting By:-Peter Escobar
    If a person has the power or ability to break away the shackles of his physical body and travel to higher realms of consciousness in his free spirit or astral body self, the ability and the action thereof is known as astral projecting. Hence, this calls for attaining a deep trance condition through meditation in order to gain control over your sub conscious.
  • Concerning The Choshen By:-Martha Levy
    The Torah details the masterfully tailor-made high priest outfit interwoven using golden strands and additionally multicolor strings.
  • How To Do Telepathy Exercises By:-Penny King
    Let us understand about telepathy and the basic concept behind it, before learning the basic telepathy exercises. When thoughts are transferred directly without any use of the usual sensory channels, it is known as telepathy.
  • Practice Astral Projection Techniques - A Brief Explanation By:-Chris Jewell
    Astral projection is a wonderful art which people have been practicing long back. It is other wise called out of body experience that human soul can leave body and come back and get in after some time. It happens occasionally to all especially while we are sleeping. Though it was practiced among religious people earlier, recent researches of experts display it is possible top all through some astral projection techniques.
  • The Truth About Online Clairvoyants By:-Raymond Cray
    Clairvoyance is considered to be one of the most mysterious practices of paranormal powers. For some, it has something to do with supernatural powers while for others, that is, the scientific community, it does not exist at all.
  • The Power Of Mind - Is There Really More? By:-Robert Newport
    The power of mind can do wonders to the life of person. It is the power of mind that makes or destroys a person. A person can train his conscious and subconscious mind in desired manner. He is capable of training the mind to achieve different targets of life.
  • Is Mind Over Matter Just A Myth? By:-William Rivers
    The phrase 'mind over matter' was gained popularity in 1960s and 1970s. It was in reference to the paranormal powers of a person. It is believed that a mind is much more powerful than a body.
  • What Is The Franciscan Way? By:-Susan O'Brien
    Followers of the Franciscan way adhere to specific beliefs within the larger belief system of the Catholic Church and will look to these beliefs to determine what God is like, how men and women should view and interact with God, and what determines spirituality. Franciscanism was born through the work and teaching of St. Francis of Assisi and of St. Clare. Their values and beliefs shape the spirituality of Franciscans today and form a unique view of God as he relates to men and women.
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