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Various tips when learning the piano

When you begin learning to play the piano it is practice that makes it perfect. Hence the more you practice the more quickly you will observe improvement and the better your piano playing will become. An important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy your piano playing.

When practicing the piano try to follow the recommendations listed below:-

1 - Warm up your hands before you commence practicing whenever they feel cold.

2 - Before you begin playing loosen your fingers to make them supple.

3 - If you can practice each day so as to see improvement in your piano playing more quickly.

4 - Choose a time to practice when you are going to be by yourself because a person listening may make disappointing remarks.

5 -If you can manage it try to master a fresh piece of music every week.

6 - Start off playing a new piece of music unhurriedly and when you can play it evenly right through, then start to steadily increase the tempo until you achieve the correct tempo.

7 - Make certain you are able to play each piece of music smoothly before you go on to the next tune.

8 - Practice any part of music you have a problem with on its own until you can play it correctly, then attempt to play the entire piece all of the way through.

9 - Refining your playing, by correcting errors before they develop into bad habits.

10 - Keep your eyes on the music, not on your hands or the keyboard when you are playing.

11 - When selecting some music to learn, be sure you decide on some music you'll actually take pleasure in playing.

12 - Do not let playing the piano turn into a laborious task make sure you are having fun playing your piano.

It could be frustrating to learning to play the piano particularly if you have witnessed someone accomplished play the piano and thought how easy they make it look. Well it can be easy if you practice on a regular basis and use the correct piano techniques.

You may believe that great piano technique comes from building speed, or finger strength or independence of finger control. Or maybe you believe they must have completed hours and hours of gruelling scales practice.

In reality great piano technique comes from how your body and piano work together along with the control of fingers, hands, arms and body.

If you play the wrong way then you will find it harder than it needs to be and you'll become frustrated with your progress. But studying the right way; instead of just practice, will result in you making faster progress and enjoy what you are doing.

Be sure to learn and practice the piano correctly so you can rapidly get pleasure from playing your piano well.

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