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Printing Company Las Vegas Shares 4 Secrets Of Direct Mail

Is direct mail dead? Rarely do you hear a printing company Las Vegas talk openly about the state of direct mail. Small businesses often question, "WOW, printing these Las Vegas color postcards will look awesome, but will they work? Can I get new business using direct mail?" The short answer, yes! Whether you're printing Las Vegas or some other city, direct mail marketing and bulk mail does indeed still work.

Partner with the right printing company Las Vegas and they'll help you plan and execute a great direct mail campaign. Every business needs to find the right mix of advertising, and direct mail is certainly a low-cost way of marketing your business to a targeted audience. The following are four guidelines you should follow when printing Las Vegas direct mail, sending mailings, choosing color printing Las Vegas, targeting an audience, and finding your perfect printing company Las Vegas.

1. Create A Targeted Mailing List

Before rushing into color printing Las Vegas, spend some time developing a targeted mailing list. The most beautiful Las Vegas color printing doesn't mean squat if you send your direct mail to the wrong audience. Depending on the type of mailing, create a master list of current, previous and potential customers. Or, if you are mailing to a predetermined demographic, work with your printing company Las Vegas to purchase or rent a mailing list.

2. Write Great Content

Color printing Las Vegas can only go so far. You need to write great content for your direct mail piece to convert sales. Write a strong headline to attract attention and continue hammering away at your sales angle throughout the mailer. Think about your products' or services' key features and benefits. What will make your prospects' mouths water? In addition to finding great printing Las Vegas to prepare your mailer and help with content writing, be sure to include a strong call to action. Don't confuse prospects with too many options. Keep it simple, something like, "hey, visit our website for more details, or call today for a free price quote."

3. Good Graphic Design Produces Results

Unless you moonlight in Las Vegas graphic design, find help from your printing company Las Vegas or hire a professional Las Vegas graphic design firm to create your direct mail. Designing your own color printing in Microsoft Publisher or Word looks bad and will make customers and prospects question your quality and credibility. A competent Las Vegas graphic design firm or your Las Vegas color printer will help you design an attractive mailer that grabs attention, is easy on the eyes and reduces the risk your direct mail will hit the garbage can.

4. Team Up With A Quality Printing Company Las Vegas

Really awesome color printing Las Vegas will ensure your direct mail pieces gets noticed. Make a short list of companies for printing Las Vegas. Take a look at their website and give them a call. Does their Las Vegas color printing look good? Are turnaround times quick? Do they have a nice selection of papers? How easy is it to special order or customize your printing? Do they have an in-house Las Vegas graphic design staff to help design your printing Las Vegas? Give the printers on your short list a call and ask questions.

Although e-mail and the internet are putting a dent in mail volume, direct mail can still be used quite effectively, and cheaply, to attract new business and drive sales. Be sure to follow the above guidelines when preparing your direct mail campaign and be sure to partner with a good, quality printing company Las Vegas to help you design and print your direct mail.

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