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Rules and Requirements of Article Marketing

Given the number of articles online in regards to various topics and products, you will have seen how articles has changed the face of internet. Banners, classified and pay per click advertising used to dominate in the early days of its launch and for people to click to their sites. Now articles have changed all that.

In fact, article marketing has become synonymous to advertising. The best way to do this is through creating valuable articles. This way, it is less costly especially if you have the knack for writing.

As compared to posting to magazines and newspapers, posting articles online is a lot different and easier. Once you got some ideas of what you want to write, everything will fall into place. In terms of publishing, you will not have to wait long to see your articles online as compared to offline when you may have to wait weeks or even months. Although you can hire freelancers if you do not have the talent to write, it is better if you can make an effort to learn.

When writing articles, your first priority is to have a specific audience in mind. Because they are the ones whom you are targeting at. You want their attention to read and click on the link after doing so in order to get traffic to your sites. For instance if you are writing about the book on how to fish, you should look for those who need specific guidance in fishing. One way of finding audience is to go to forums and join in the niches relevant to what you promote.

However in terms of promoting your products and services, you have to be subtle. Most article directories do not allow writers to promote their products and services as that may put off some readers as some sales pitch. You can only highlight problems and provide information as how you can solve them. This is how you build relationships and trust with them. It is only at the foot of your articles then you are allowed to put your links.

Speaking of links, some article directories does not accept affiliate links while others do. To play safe and make sure your article gets accepted by most directories, it is advisable to buy a domain name and replace your affiliate link. Displaying a domain name looks more assuring to readers than affiliate links.

Your article word count is another factor you should consider. Some sites accept 300 words or less while others require at least 500 words. So it is best to come up with a 500 word article. If you have no idea of what to write or limited ideas, do research by reading other articles. Note down the main points and accumulate them into your own article.

Though keywords are important in order for search engines to index your articles, please do not overuse them. Two or three times is fine but not beyond them. Otherwise your articles does not make any sense and readers will find it very confusing and annoying.

Finally, select article directories that are well ranked by Google and Alex. That way your articles will be seen more frequently and your chances of getting traffic being higher.

If you have been in article marketing for some time and manage to come up with at least 5 articles and more on the same topic, you might want to compile them into an ebook. Discover how you can do so and dominate the marketplace with your ebook, check out my sitehere.

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