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Guidelines You Need to Know in Article Directories

Before internet, the only available article directories are publishing companies and newspaper firms. To get just 1 article published will take weeks, months or even 1 year depending on how they perceive your article and whether they want you to make any amendments. Unless you are a well-established article writer or your article somehow touches them in some way, the chances of getting your article are slim.

After internet, article directories have increased exponentially. No longer do you have to wait such a long time to get your article published. All it takes a couple of hours to a few days and you can see your article displayed in no time.

If you have been online for some time, you probably realize that article marketing is usually the first and foremost technique used by gurus in marketing their online businesses. They will recommend you a few major article directories whereby you can post your articles to. All you need to do is to establish yourself as an expert in your niche or passion. Not only your personal choice but also related to whatever your line of business is.

Article marketing is primarily about spreading the word out of your business and what products and services you can offer. But you will not do such task in a bold manner. Creating articles is a subtle way to let people know about you, get them interested with the information you provide and click on your link in the resource box at the end of the article.

One thing I need to alert you is that even though article marketing is free and you can post to as many directories as possible, you should not be taking it for granted. You still have to check the quality of your work before submitting to directories. Whether it is your article heading or contents, your objective is to grab the readers' attention all the way until they see and click your link.

To help you prepare and get started with your first article, here are some guidelines you need to know in article directories:

Article Word Count

This is where you need to be creative and passionate about what you intend to write. While some directories allow your articles to be 300 word and below, others prefer a minimum of 500. So to play safe, all your articles should have 500 words and more.

No Spamming

Choose a relevant category for your article. If it is about bowling and golf, look for recreation and sports. If it is about dating, put it under relationships.

So long as you do not place your article in several categories which is considered as spamming, that will be fine.


If you are promoting products using affiliate links, you need to read the sites' guidelines carefully before doing so. Some do allow affiliate links while others forbid. Again if you want your article to be approved and published by most directories, it is better to buy a domain name to replace your affiliate link.


Most article directories only allow English since they are used internationally.

However you can still use other languages in other directories catering to such market. If you really intend to broaden your bilingual skills, this can be done.


When promoting your businesses through articles, you need to be professional in your words.

Please do not use obscene language or words of grudge simply because you have bad experiences before and feel wronged in some way. The same rule applies against making your article look like a sales pitch.

Though readers may emphasize with your view, most are not interested in reading your life story or being sold to. They want to know what you offer and how you can solve their problems.

Use Of Keywords

Though keywords are essential in your article title and content, you should not overuse them. The limit of most directories is two percent or less.

Follow these guidelines closely and you should not have any problems having your articles published in directories.

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