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3 Article Marketing Tips For You to Earn Online

Article marketing should be the focus point of every new affiliate. Recent results achieved by past affiliates have proven that to be not just an effective marketing tool in driving traffic but a powerful platform on developing other marketing strategies as well. Strategies such as blogging, classified advertising, copywriting, email marketing, video marketing and even writing ebooks if you use just this method correctly.

The more articles you write, the more you learn subconsciously. Once you have written 5 articles and more on the same topic or something you are passionate about, you may consider taking to the next level of developing other methods I mentioned above. Unless you made money consistently, outsourcing should be the last thing on your mind even if other gurus tell you otherwise.

To help you get started, here are 3 article marketing tips for you to earn online.

An Eye-Catching Heading

An eye-catching header should be your first priority. Otherwise you can forget about the rest. You need to grab readers' attention first before getting them to read your contents.

Another priority is to come up with the essential keywords to make up the title. For example in this title, I put article marketing tips and earn online since these are some of the keywords most frequently typed in Google and other major search engines.

Organize Your Contents And Benefits

Once the readers are attracted by your heading, they will start reading your article. Before that even happens, you need to organize your contents into paragraphs.

Your paragraph should consist of 5 to 6 sentences at the maximum. The key to keeping your paragraphs short is to put only the key points or benefits that your product offers. Anything other than that is perceived as information overload that you do not want your readers to suffer from. You want them to keep reading so that they will notice your link and click to see your site offer.

If you have to, organize those benefits into either bullet or number points.

Resource Box

The biggest mistake most new marketers including myself made is that they think resource boxes are for them to write a short description of themselves.

It takes me quite some time to realize it is for me to direct the readers to my link.

You can write about yourself briefly but your main objective is to get the readers to click on the link so that they can see your product and decides whether to take it up or not.

Once you finish writing the article, read it and check if there are any vocabulary, spelling or grammar mistakes or if there are some areas you need to amend or improve on.

Alternatively, you can let your family members or friends to read your article and hear their comments. Whether their comments are compliments or critics, you need to take them in your stride. How they feel may also be how the readers feel when reading your article. If there are areas needing to be edited or elaborated with more details, by all means do so as these can play a key role in determining your success in article marketing.

These are my three main article marketing tips. To get more tips, grab my eguide at my site here.

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