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How to Get Traffic Through Article Marketing?

That is the question most internet marketers will ask. Although article marketing is free and easiest way to promote online, not all marketers can write articles. They either start by doing research from scratch or get freelancers to do everything for them if they have the money to outsource.

But whether you intend to start from research and outsourcing, it is still your priority to ask yourself these few questions if you want to succeed and continue earning a full-time income just by writing.

The first question is what do you want to write about? You can tell me many things like your life experiences, problems and some other interesting or even controversial issues you encountered frequently in news, magazines and even internet. Or even experiences and problems from other people you know and want to help them with. You may even want to share your testimonies or some memorable moments at certain points of your life.

The second question is how much you know about what you intend to write? If you know a lot, you should have no problem composing an article. Otherwise, you have to do research by reading other articles. Again as I highlighted before, you are not allowed to copy those articles but you can note down the essential points and consolidate them into your own words and paragraphs. If you have additional points to add, that will be much better.

The third question is how will your readers benefit by reading your articles? As much as it is important to share with others what you know or think is controversial, it is equally important to create value in them. Though people like to hear from you, they also want to know how you can help them in certain ways. If you do not create any value, their attention to you will only be for a limited time and you will be wasting a lot of effort and time in sharing.

In schools, you are writing articles simply to impress teachers and get better grades. Now in internet marketing, you are writing articles to make money. So simply by impressing readers is not enough. You need to get them to click on the link in your resource box for them to see and decide whether to take up your offer. Otherwise, you will be struggling to earn online.

Everyday people are facing problems. You will know just by listening to radio, reading magazines or papers, watching TV or even internet. Problems in relationships, money, health, security etc. If you can somehow provide various solutions which they need immediately through your articles, chances are they will read them and click your links to find out more about your product.

Think about it. If you have many people doing that, what are the chances of them buying your product? More importantly, what are your chances of getting traffic through article marketing?

Apart from those, article marketing should also be used as a platform into developing your other marketing strategies in the long run. Most new marketers have problems creating quality blogs, landing pages and sales copies. They have no clue how to start, how to make it compelling and most importantly how to attract readers to buy. This is why all the more they should start off with article marketing as the number one basic.

Outsourcing is good only if you have the money and able to find freelancers who are just as passionate as you in writing and delivering quality content. But learning to write yourself is even better. By doing so, you will know that it comes from your heart, knowledge and experiences rather than just rehashing from someone else.

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