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What Does Article Marketing Have to Do With Your Online Business?

Compared to traditional forms of advertising be it in media, papers or even pay per click search engine promotions, article marketing does not cost you a single cent. Yet you can write much more than when you put just a few words in those advertising methods. So long as you can produce original and high quality articles highlighting the benefits of your offer, they can still be highly ranked in search engines.

Think about this for a second. When you are searching for something online, you will be typing in the keyword related to what you seek. Then a list of relevant weblinks will appear. If you take time to scroll through, you will discover that not all of those links direct you to websites. Instead they will either direct you to blogs or articles. Believe it or not, all these are done by either internet marketers or freelancers whom the marketers outsourced their work to.

This is exactly how article marketing relates to your online business. Having said that, it can certainly help your business to grow. But in order for that to happen, you need to submit your articles to various article directories. If your articles are approved for posting, people will be able to see what you offer and even contact you if you provided email address in your site.

The key to being successful in article marketing is to create a significant impact on the reader and prompt them to take action. Such as clicking your actual domain link in the resource at the bottom of your article. Even before that, you need to make sure that your articles contains at least 2 or 3 keywords in your title and content. This is is to that people can locate your article easily and for you to make money faster. Finally you need to highlight the most common problems people are facing and how your product can be a solution.

Your product can be an ebook or a home study video course. If you can provide both, so much the better. Not only can they read your words, they can see and hear you talking. That way, they will be more convinced that they are dealing with the real person.

If you are serious about using article marketing to promote your business, you need to post your articles to high traffic distribution sites whereby the chances of your articles appearing on the first page of major search engines will be much higher. Statistics show that most people prefer to read what is on the first page and ignores the rest. So if you want people to see your article and take action, you need to make sure that is exactly where they want to see. Whether you promote small, medium or large businesses through your articles does not matter. What matters most is how you promote it. Speaking of which, there are several ways to do so. For instance if you are writing about a small restaurant, your title should be related to the food of your restaurant rather than the name. This is extremely important as it gives readers an indiciation of the kind of food your restaurant offers and reasons for them to dine there.

The same goes if you plan to write about how to cook a certain dish. You can find those articles in food sections of newspapers, magazines and even online related to food.

In many ways, article marketing is more economical and faster than online and offline advertising. It is also much better than offline article printing which will take months for your article to be approved before it can be published for readers to see. On the internet, the approval can be as fast as a couple of days or even hours.

That is why article marketing has everything to do with your online business if you want to enjoy continuous and long-term success.

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