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Why List Building is Important in Internet Business?

You may have heard this saying: The Money Is In The List many times online from both affiliates and gurus in regard to list building. This saying is partly true and party false. True in the sense that money comes from the list. False in the sense that money comes only from the list of customers. So in order to make money from list building, you need to have a list of customers. Makes sense?

That is precisely why list building is important and crucial to all internet business owners whether they are just starting out or have been marketing for some time. Just like a human body needs blood and oxygen to survive, internet business owners needs a list of customers to enjoy long-term success. Without list building, all the other methods of internet marketing as in articles, blogs, classified ads, domain name registration etc are practically useless.

List building is also where you drive traffic to your website before converting them into customers. However even before that, you need a list of right people for the product you are promoting. And in order to do that, you need to do research on both the markets and keywords that people frequently typed into search engine toolbar such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. This is to find out what most people want or need or their common problems. Once you have done that, find a product that best suits their needs and come up with a set of keywords related to that product. The best way to do this is to use Google keyword tool.

After you have found a common market niche, the relevant product and keywords, begin your first step of list building by creating a landing page or a blog. For landing page, you need to buy a domain name and web hosting account while blogs are free to obtain at either Blogger or WordPress. Do a Google search and you can easily find them to set up your free accounts.

For the next step of list building, begin your article with the common problems faced by most people before assuring and giving them a solution. Do not sell them anything at this point. Instead give them a gift in the form of a free report, ebook and even the first video if you are promoting an ecourse. Finally towards the end, create an optin box for people to fill in their names and email addresses so that they can get the gift.

For the final step of list building, you need an autoresponder to give them the free gift or follow up with them via emails in case they do not want to give their particulars at that point. I strongly recommend Aweber or Getresponse. Though they charges a monthly fee, the value they provides in helping you to reach out to them quickly is worth it.

This is the entire process of list building. Find out their problems or what they want, matchmade them with a product, coming up with keywords to that product and create a blog or squeeze page with an optin box via autoresponder to give them the gift. Once they submitted their details, you have just built a list of people for that product in that particular niche.

Before you even bring your list building, you can write an article as I am doing now. You can even write about other products or topics like affiliate programs, business opportunities, home-based businesses, creating websites or anything you are passionate about. It can be your hobby or your memorable experiences with certain things in your life. You may also consider coming up with an ebook or videos like the ones you see on Youtube.

But the important thing is to get people interested in what you are promoting and take action. That is why list building is so important in internet businesses.

List Building is essential to every internet marketer in building a long-term and successful business online.Go and get your free guide on list building that teaches you exactly how to build and profit from a massive of subscribershere.

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