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Are There Really Ways To Cure Breast Cancer?

In my last article, I talked about the causes of breast cancer and which category of women are mostly to get it. In this article, I am going to talk about ways to manage and even avoid cancer.

The most commonly asked question among women is whether there are really ways to cure breast cancer apart from simply preventing and delaying the cancer cells from spreading.

At this point of time, there are no specific and proven ways to cure breast cancer although there are recent breakthroughts from medical research on that. What I can say however is that there are ways to manage cancer if these are carried out the right way.

One of the ways is eating the right food. Foods like fruits, grains and vegetables. The reason why I am mentioning those rather than meat is that they contain a mixture of beta-carotene, vitamin C and E.

Beta-carotene is found in most fruits. It specifically tracks down and eliminate potential cancer cells before they can do any damage. It usually takes about 15 to 30 milligrams a day to stop and destroy cancer cells.. You can find beta-carotene in cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, spinach, and bok choy.

Vitamin C is the next powerful antidote. Recent scientific studies have discovered those who took at least 66 milligrams of vitamin C every day will be free from any foreign antibodies.

Last but not least, vitamin E. Compared to the first two, vitamin E is the most versatile antioxidant. Not only it blocks free radicals, it also prevents cancer by stimulating the immune system.

These 3 ingredients combined to form a powerful antioxidant defence in the human body against any forms of cancer. On the other hand, meats contain red saturated fats which will only increase the chances of cancer cells occurring and multiplying.

If you or someone you know wants more than that especially in the advanced stages of cancer, beet root is the answer. You can get them from super-and-wet markets. To make it work, it is best mixed with fruit or vegetable juices. It may sound bitter and agonizing initially because of its body detoxication process but in the long run it helps to cure cancer effectively.

Regular exercise also plays an important role in managing cancer. I am not referring to vigorous exercises like aerobatics, gym workout, jogging, rope skipping or yoga. A 10 or 20 minute stroll in the park can do unbelievable wonders to a human mind and body. The same goes for meditation in natural surroundings. On first glance, it seems boring to most people but it helps to clear the person of any negative thoughts and fills him or her with optimism. Studies have shown that women who are fit and optimistic have a higher chance of overcoming breast cancer.

However smoking, drinking alcohol and consuming drugs are best to be avoided. Because our bodies have different reactions to those, they may invite unknown germs to attack our body defence merchanisms and reduce our resistance to diseases and sicknesses.

Overall like I mentioned before, it is best to seek professional advice from doctor since a doctor knows best what needs to be done to manage and avoid breast cancer.

To get more information on how to manage or even prevent breast cancer early, please grab your free copy of my guide here.

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