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Make Money By Writing Articles

Writing articles is not hard. You can either write about things you are passionate about or know a lot and think you can help people by providing that information. From time to time, people talked about various topics, resolutions, problems and experiences they face daily and if you know what they are and how to help them, this will be a win win situation for you and them.

For instance, if you are passionate about bowling and been practising regularly, you can write articles about bowling and give practical tips along the way. This is especially helpful for those who wants to learn bowling. Or if you are an expert in the niche of dating or knows someone who does, you can consider suggesting various ways which men or women should follow when it comes to dating first time. The same goes for weight loss, time and financial management etc.

Writing articles is very much like writing essays in school. The only difference is while you were writing in school to earn higher grades, you are now writing to earn money.

In order to do that, your article content has to be original and highly relevant to what readers are looking for. But if you want to write articles on what you do not know much about but feels that most people need it like cars or saving money on fuel, you can do research by reading other people’s articles. You are not allowed to copy other people’s articles but you can jot down their key points before accumulating into your very own article. Your article should contain at least 2 or 3 keywords in order to be seen and found easily by readers when they type into search engines.

Once you got the idea, start writing your first article immediately. While that idea is still fresh in your mind, keep writing and do not be distracted by anything else including breaks. Because if you get distracted or stop even for a short break, you may forget everything.

After you finished, read your article. Check for any spelling or grammar errors and areas which need to be improved. Do the necessary amendments and read again. Finally, write a brief description of the product you intend to recommend and leave your affiliate link in your resource box.

Once you are done, you can start submitting your article to article directories. To look for those directories, simply type in free article directories via search engines. Some of them especially the major ones helps to rank your article among the top in the search list.

However if you find going to article directories and signing up manually a chore, you may consider investing in article submitters and spinners. Article submitters help you to blast one article to several directories at a click of a button while article spinners can generate several versions of your article by replacing certain words with another of the same meaning.

Writing articles is also the best alternative to Pay Per Click Advertising in generating traffic to your sites and earning money quickly. It also serves as an excellent platform to creating blogs, ebooks and websites. The more you write, the better you will get. Indirectly and subconsciously, it also helps to improve your communication skills.

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