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Wet rooms are trendy

If you have purchased a new home and are considering the purchase of a new bathroom, one option you may not have considered is a wet room. Wet rooms are the new must have house accessory. Hotels were the first to build wet rooms as owners realised they could use up less space and they were low maintenance.

There are of course some bathrooms that are streamlined and DIY wet rooms would not fit the bill.
Wet Rooms are east to create once you have carried out some research and lots of advice is available online.
First, decide if your shower is going to be placed in the middle of the wet room or in a corner.
One essential tip is to look at installing a small deflector screen next to the shower if you are stuck for space. A deflector in wet rooms stops any unnecessary splashing of water.

If starting from scratch then under floor heating will help water to evaporate. It is important to take into consideration that wet rooms are required to be tiled all over and the floor has to be level. The reason that the floor has to be level as there is no shower tray and the whole area gets wet. If you are looking to revamp an old bathroom a wet room may not be what you are looking for as wet rooms require a water tank and the whole area needs to be sealed.

On the positive side once, when wet rooms are installed they are more leak proof than a regular bathroom. Wet rooms are good for replacing small bathrooms designed in such a way that choosing from a range of bathroom cabinets is difficult due to space limitations. At Bathroom2U we are able to supply a wide range of wet room accessories.

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