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Joining Garbage Disposal Unit And Dishwasher

It is not a difficult job to fit a garbage disposal unit in kitchen sink. There is no doubt that assembling its parts and checking it for no leaks is a time consuming exercise. And if we have a dishwasher, it will enhance the labor and time taken because dishwasher is emptied into the waste pipe. But with the fitting of the garbage disposal unit, the dishwasher is emptied in the garbage disposal.

To join the garbage disposal unit to a dishwasher is just an easy task. We shall now learn some points which will help us in doing this job more smoothly and efficiently.

To begin this process we shall first of all clean the bottom of the sink cabinet and keep a bucket beneath the sink. Using a pipe wrench, loosen the pipe and remove it. Any water in the pipe may be disposed in the bucket. Remove the drain pipe by unscrewing the long screws that joins the sink and the drain pipe.

Use a small putty knife to trim away the old plumber's putty that helped seal the drain inside the sink, and lift the drain pipe out of the sink.

Place a 1/4" bead of plumber's putty around the drain opening in the sink. Drop the new sink flange into the drain opening and press it into place. From under the sink, slide the fiber gasket and backup ring onto the sleeve. Hold these pieces in place. Next slip on the mounting ring and snap ring.

Prepare the disposal unit for the dishwasher by removing the plug from the dishwasher inlet tube mounted at the top of the mechanism. Use a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer, strike to pop the plastic retaining piece into the unit. Turn the disposal upside down and it will fall out.

Bringing the mounting and the disposal in line, slightly turn the unit and it will tighten and get locked with a click sound. The wall drain pipe can then be connected with the unit and using the J-trap supplied by the manufacturer.

The disposal plug should then be pushed into the outlet below the sink and the reset button be pressed. This will set the disposal ready for use. Open the water tap of the sink and look for leaks. Make sure the power is switched on and the disposal is activated. Also, ensure that the unit turns in. The water should keep running during the is process otherwise the unit may damage.

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