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How to Register an Alberta Sole Proprietorship

An Alberta Registration of a Sole Proprietorship is governed by the Partnership Act (Alberta). An Alberta Sole Proprietorship is sometimes called an Alberta Trade Name.

The statutes indicates that an individual who (a) is engaged in business for trading, manufacturing, contracting or mining purposes; and (2) is not associated in partnership with any other person or persons and uses as the person's business name some name or designation other than the person's own, or the person's own name with the addition of "and company" or some other word or phrase indicating a plurality of members in a firm; shall file with the Alberta Registrar a declaration in writing of the fact. If you are planning on registering a sole proprietorship it would be appropriate for you to take a look at the Alberta Partnership Act provisions for Alberta sole proprietorships.

In layman's terms what the statute is trying to say is that any individual who is operating under a name other than his or her own name must register an Alberta sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship registration in Alberta must be filed six months from the date it commences business in Alberta.

An Alberta Nuans name search report is not required when registering an Alberta sole proprietorship. The Alberta Partnership Act has no requirement for an Alberta trade name/Alberta sole proprietorship to be different than other Alberta registrations. You are allowed to register the exact same name as another sole proprietorship already registered with the Alberta government. Should you register a name that is the same as another name already registered? Absolutely not, unless you are connected in some way to that other registration or have written permission to register the name.

The best way to ensure this is to do a preliminary name search Alberta Registration Name before you register your sole proprietorship. A search house can perform this for you. Some search houses charge a small fee for this and others will do this for free when you purchase a sole proprietorship registration service from them.

You do not have to register a name when you carry on business as a sole proprietorship. If you want you can conduct business under your own name. The Alberta government does not allow individuals to register their own names as sole proprietorships. If you require an actual registration to show you are in business you would have to register another name. This might be the case where you are dealing with a client who wants to ensure you have a valid business registration. However, the federal government will issue an individual a Business Number (GST) which will be connected directly to that individual and it is not required that you register a different name to have a Business Number issued to you as a sole proprietor.

You cannot register an Alberta Trade Name or Alberta Sole Proprietorship on your own. You must ask a provider to assist you with the registration. In a way this can be a good thing because the service provider with check your name for you free of charge if you pick a service provider that provides this service. Then you can be assured of having a name that is not a conflict with any other name right across Canada.

If you wish to terminate your Alberta sole proprietorship you must file a Declaration of Ceasing to Carry on Business under a Trade Name.

An Alberta Trade Name registration is perpetual which means that it will stay in place until you terminate the registration.

Resources for Canadian Business Owners can assist you with your Alberta Small Business Registration and Alberta Business Registration or Preliminary Name Search

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