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How To Feminize Men The Easy Way

If you are wondering how to feminize men the easy way then you have come to the right article. There are easy ways and hard ways and I am going to quickly run you through the easy ways so that you can feminize your man or feminize yourself.

Next thing you should do is get them home and start with primping. If you are a female then you will know what to do if you dress up yourself you should be able to do it with someone else. You should paint their fingernails and maybe even add some fake nails and acrylic. You can buy these things at a local department store, you do not have to go to a salon.

You will need to get home and shave your legs especially if you are wearing a dress. It can be better to wear stockings with a dress because this looks more feminine. Make sure you either get your nails done at a salon or do them yourself. Maybe you even have a friend that can do them for you. Either way is great.

Make sure that you shave your legs and arm pits cause this is not something that is very attractive for a female to have. If you are wearing a dress you will want to make sure and shave your legs and double check them for that extra stubble that most females usually miss.

Make sure you have a hair style that matches you and something that is easy to maintain so that you can keep looking great all day and night long. You might have to go through a few hair styles to achieve this but it will be worth it in the end.

Lastly you will want to make sure that you do a double take in the mirror so that you see everything straight and make sure that you look beautiful. And now it is time to go out and have fun. Go to a club or see a nice movie. Maybe dinner and a movie can be great with that special someone in your life.

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