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3 Psychic Signs That You've Lived a Past Life

The psychic world has always been a melting pot of unexplainable wonders. There are many intriguing psychic concepts, but among these, the idea around the existence of past lives has the greatest buzz. Yes -- it is possible that everyone has lived in another life time as someone else!

Any psychic will tell you that when we pass away, we do not live this Earth -- it is just our physical bodies that wither away, but our spirits still roam in a symmetrical dimension. Simply put, the psychic sphere points out that spirits can move to life time to life time -- having a past life is possible; and in fact, everyone might have had past lives but are just unaware that they did.

Thinking about it, wouldn't it be cool if you have really lived a completely different life before than the life you have now? Well there are ways to tell if you have had a past life; these three psychic signs are:

1. FREQUENT DE JA VU EXPERIENCES. De Ja Vu is that phenomena in where you have that unexplainable feeling that you've already been somewhere or seen something before, when you actually have not. Do you have de ja vu really often? If yes, that's one sign that you have had a past life. According to past life experts, psychics, and researchers, there will always be parts of your personality that you cannot forget; that no matter how long these experiences have passed, tidbits of these are embedded in your spiritual psychic unconscious.

2. DREAMS WITH PUZZLING PAST-LIFE RELATIONSHIPS. Was there ever a time where someone you know in the present, shows up in your dream as somebody else who is from your past? For example, take a dream in where a loved one is totally a different person. Psychics believe that spiritual soul mates move from one life to another with each other -- that a love interest in this life could be a member of the family or someone close to you in some other life.

3. UNEXPLAINABLE FEARS. Technically speaking, fears are ushered by certain factors, one of which is that if you have had a traumatic event over something. Do you have any fears that you can't explain? Take for example; you have an illogical fear of water when you are certain there's no distressing incident that had happened before. The probable reason behind that fear could be because you have had an upsetting circumstance in your past life related to it.

These 3 psychic signs are just some of the many ways that prove that having a past life is possible. But, if you want the best way that the psychic realm can prove that the human spirit can move from one life time to another, you should consider visiting an authentic expert -- a psychic medium. Psychic mediums can give you the genuine proof of the existence of past lives; in fact, a past life reading can be even given by these psychic mediums if you want to know about your past life.

Are you ready to discover your past life? America's foremost psychic medium, Tana Hoy, can lead you on that journey. Know more about your past life today; check out Tana's website for a past life reading.

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