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The Psychology Behind the Colors of Your Clothes

Fashion could be the only authority on arts or simply stuffs concerning clothes and color of the clothes. It is the one that dictates which is fad today or what design is in for the season. It is the last word in terms of what color would be proclaimed the trend a season or year should follow. Even the shade of color, fashion is the last say. But what about the science that greatly tackles on colors - physics or for its more specific field, the spectra? Does it say anything about colors, its attributes, and possible effects to our bearing? Basically there is. But it is most widely and famously interpreted not of Physics but of psychology. It might be in what they called perception.

Though it might be true that reactions of light to a particular spectrum is what produces color and that it is light that gives the eye a wide range of wave to determine color thus proving that physics has something to do with color, it is with psychology that how our eyes and brains perceives color according to its wavelengths, strength, and some degree history. The mind, in the point of view of psychology is a perceptive faculty that can use senses like the seeing, hearing, smelling, taste, and touch. Eyes alone can create thousands if not millions of different perception from colors, to lines, to objects, to shapes etc. So going back to menu, how does psychology affect a person by means of the color of the clothes such as workwear uniforms?

While many psychologists use colors for therapy, they discovered that colors can greatly affect a mood of a person that sees it or the person bearing it. In a separate study, it showed that workers generate more input at particular colors they have within their working place. Thus the association of color to the holistic development of human is often considered. Psychologists also suggest what color of apparel to use for an interview, a date, etc. to create a greater possibility of positive moods. Letís look at the colors then:

Black - often many oppose that black is not a color rather the absence of colors like white but for the sake of the study, black being visible is considered a color. Black is the color of authority and of power. This is why commonly, used by presidents and leaders. It also means submission thus priest use this color.

White - this color means purity and innocence. For passion this is popular for detailing because it can go for every color.

Red - This intense color is often associated with emotions particularly anger. But it can also mean romance to many.

Blue - seems to create a calming effect thus mainly used for bedroom designing. Also, this color is highly recommended during job interviews as it can speak about loyalty.

Green - famously known for its association with nature, green symbolizes masculinity, wealth, and conservation.

Yellow - this color seems to enhance concentration thus this is the color of most legal pads. And its intense colors usually can lose temper so immediately.

There are other colors that symbolize other characters and moods. Studies show that the level of intensity of the colors could also be associated with the intensity of emotion thus the powerful a color is the prevailing an emotion or mood would be.

George's being a human resource officer made him so picky about colors of clothing. Here he tackles about workwear uniforms that affects the workers and the boss's mood.

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