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How To Feminize A Man

We all get tired of watching "chick flicks" alone and begging our male significant others to learn to dance. If we are able to talk a man into taking us to an opera it is usually riddled with yawns and sighs of boredom. So how can we make men more feminine? How can we help them to show their more sensitive sides?

A woman's expectation may be too high. It might be too much to expect your man to drop the football and start wearing pink all in one day. You have to find a way to bring out his sensitive side while still protecting his brute side. Try to find one thing he is willing to do that still has some of his interests involved. Like a funny "chick flick".

Take the middle of the road. If he is willing to take dance lessons, then you have to be willing to go hunting. If you expect him to cry at every touching movie scene, then you better be willing to knuckle punch every bullseye. That is just how it works. Otherwise, pick one womanly thing and one manly thing to do together, and do the rest with friends.

If you wish for it, you might just get it. Make sure you are not trying to make him too feminine or sensitive. You have only yourself to blame if he starts crying at every beer commercial.

Accept his limitations. You just can't get lemonade from a tomato. Some things just aren't possible. This may be true of your male counterpart. Most males are hard wired for being protectors and providers. But it's entirely possible that you can soften a few edges here and there.

Finally, most men are raised differently and cannot be changed. Generally, women are raised with a more sensitive and feminine mentality. Women cannot be changed anymore then men can. We may be asking too much of men to expect them to be sensitive and feminine on the level that women were raised to be.

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