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How You Can Utilize Home CCTV System To Protect Your House

The phrase "home CCTV" used to means Closed Circuit Television system used provide security at home. There are many kinds of CCTV equipments such as CCTV monitors and CCTV cameras. You home will be protected perfectly with a security system like this. On the market there are many types of systems available. You can choose one according to your requirements.

Some examples of CCTV systems are bullet cameras used to detect visitors at the front of the door and nanny cameras used to keep track of small infants. You have the ability to monitor the house when you are far away and can report a break in to the police right at the moment it happens.

The CCTV camera can be used effortlessly. This is especially true if you choose a wireless system. The only thing you need is a monitor software installed on your PC. This is the option you should consider if you want the fastest way to monitor your house or if you are tech idiot.

Wired systems are a little bit more complicated and require you to drill some holes and prepare some cable routes. You should hire a CCTV installer to do the job.

To help you have some ideas about the process, I will show you some basic information about how to install CCTV system:

The first thing is to pick a system to install. Your choice of cable type will be based on your system. RG59 Siamese Cable is, however, the standard cable used for most systems.

Now it comes to determining the place you will place your system. In most cases, the cameras will be installed where the walls meet the roof so that we can utilize the gap between the two to run the cables.

There are many type s of camera format you can use. Actually there are five types: 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 1/3-inch, 1-inch or 2/3-inch. It is advisable that you should choose -inch, -inch, and 1/3-inch since the camera's lenses will be greatest.

If you would like to monitor more than one scene at a time, you will need a squad switch to enable four cameras to be viewed all together on one screen.

If you want to store the video for over 6 hours, you will have to get a commercial grade recorder. If you don't have this need, the standard VCR is just fine.

I hope the information will help you in your choice of home CCTV system. Having one security system will help you feel secured and protected. Therefore, you should really consider installing one.

Jason Williams is an expert in house alarm systems. If you want further information about varieties of CCTV system or are looking for a trusted security service please visit

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