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Six Essential Tools For All Home Plumbing Repairs

Most homeowners should have a wide collection of plumbing tools to handle any emergency occasions. If not, this is an indicator that you should be more prepared with stocking your equipment and supplies. You never know when you have a clogged toilet or a leaky drain that needs to be fixed. There are some crucial tools necessary for repairing the fundamental plumbing problems in every household. It is important to have these supplies in your possession to handle any situation that may come up. Here are six recommended plumbing tools that you should have:

1. Plunger The most common and popular plumbing tool across all households, the plunger is used for unclogging toilets through the application of vacuum and force. There are a variety of different plungers for the various occasions. You can find the entire catalog in most hardware supply stores. Not only are these plungers useful for clearing clogs in the toilets, but they can also be used for unclogging bathtub drains as well. Every plunger comes with a device that is shaped like a rubber bell, which is placed over the drain hole. You then use the wooden handle as you try to force the drain to be unclogged.

2. Toilet Auger This is another essential tool for clearing up clogs in the toilets. It is a specialized plumbing equipment used to locate and remove clogs in the toilet drain. More powerful and effective than the plunger, this steel auger is shaped like a long flexible cable. Naturally, its costs are also higher, but this is one plumbing tool that definitely gets the job done.

3. Sink Auger The sink auger is a very useful tool that excels in clearing up clogs through sinks and bathtubs. Built with a flexible cable and a steel auger bit on one end, the cable itself is coiled within a drum-shaped canister. By turning the canister, the cable within the auger could grasp and break up any potential clogs. Due to its shape and designed, this auger should not be used in toilet drains.

4. Pipe Wrench Considered the quintessential tool by most plumbers, the wrench allows the user to grip around objects with its uniquely shaped design. Commonly used on pipes and septic units, the wrench is powerful in either securing or removing a pipe in your household.

5. Teflon Tape This inexpensive yet effective thin white tape can be used to seal any leaky pipe drains. It can also be used to make sure conceal the air and gas from leaking out of threaded connections. The tape itself is silky in texture, but strong in tension. It is sold in small rolls and can be commonly found in household hardware stores.

6. Pliers Last but not least, pliers are small but mighty tools used for any miscellaneous plumbing situations. They can tighten or loosen numerous types of fittings, as well as secure them into the proper positions. There is a large variety of differently shaped and sized plumbers, so make sure you choose the right one that suits your situation.

Doing the right research can lead you to the right specialized tools for your home plumbing repair problems. The more complex your problem may be, the more specialized your tools and training are required. Sometimes, it might be best to contract a professional plumbers who know what they are doing.

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