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How To Ensure Your Safety While Walking On A Metal Roof ?

Long ago, the metal roofs used to call for frequent repairs and replacements. Hence, the homeowners or the roofers were required to walk on the roofs more than often. Such a scenario was never healthy for the structural integrity of the roof. Hence, the metal roofs gradually improved in quality and efficiency. As a result, the presently available varieties of metal roofs present enough resistance to rust and corrosion. Hence, the homeowners are required to step on the roof in very rare conditions.

Whatever be the nature of the roof, it may ask the homeowners to walk on the roof. Hence, the homeowners must follow the basic safety precautions while carrying out a repair job on the roof of the home.

Before installing the ladder, walk down to your attic space and examine the components of the roof foundation. A framework of trusses, lumbers and rafters can be observed for the attic space. Detect the units that appear weary or faulty. The roof base may not be required to undergo a through examination if the concerned roof is established over porch, shed or garage of the home. If the metal roof protects the central architecture of the home then the pre-examination becomes almost vital.

The installation of the ladder must be done in such a way that a minimum of force is applied on the edges of the roof. The ladder must extend above the roof edge by at least 3 inches.

Avoid the use of the leather shoes while walking on the metal roof. Make sure that you walk on the roof with light feet without exerting extra pressure on the roof.

Whole moving on the roof, stick to the alignment of the rafters. You would feel a steady support under your feet while moving along the roof rafters. Also, prefer walking sideways rather than walking normally. Sideways movement of the feet exerts lesser force on the roof than walking straight.

Besides the safety precautions, you can make way for certain safety gears or equipments. The commonly employed roofing equipments such as tree-climbing gears, scaffolding, roof brackets, roof-harness etc. can be used to serve the required purpose.

Some homeowners go ahead with the repair work even if the roof looks weary and saturated without consulting an expert. Such a practice must be avoided.

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