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Steps To Fix The Kitchen Faucet Diverter

A kitchen sink diverter valve is used to divert the flow of water from the sink's spout through the sink's sprayer hose when the sprayer handle is pressed. Leaks from a sink's diverter valve are rare, but water pressure problems are not. Reduced water pressure from the sprayer typically results when the diverter valve becomes clogged with mineral sediments from the water.

Replacing a kitchen sink diverter, located beneath the faucet spout, is simple. All you need is to show interests in do- it- yourself projects. Being easily reparable, a layman can mend the awry device with no plumbers and experts required.

Beforehand, gather the tools like screwdriver or Allen wrench, adjustable pliers, needle nose pliers and heatproof grease as you can't do without them.

Follow the steps below to accomplish the task in a better way. The first step in this regard would be turning off the water supply, either at the two water valves underneath the kitchen sink or at the main water supply next to the water meter.

Disassemble the faucet's handle assembly to access the diverter valve. To remove the handle, turn the single set screw located either on top of the handle or on the side of the handle in a counterclockwise direction. You'll need either a screwdriver or an Allen wrench, depending on the design. Pull the handle off the faucet's body. Grasp the cone-shaped cap with a pair of adjustable pliers, and then twist the cap to remove it.

Lift up on the faucet spout to remove it from the base. The base houses the spout and water handles. Locate the diverter sticking out of the base of the faucet from where you removed the spout. Pull out the diverter valve with your pliers. If your diverter valve has a screw holding it in place, loosen it with a screwdriver.

Coat the rubber end of the diverter valve with grease, then connect the rubber hose to the back of the valve. Insert the diverter valve back into the faucet's body. Insert the metal or plastic ball into the top of the body, followed by the washer.

Slide the spout over the body, followed by the handle. Secure the handle into place by installing and tightening the Allen screw with the Allen wrench. Turn the water supply back on.

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