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Very Best Popcorn Results: Use A Hot Air Popper

Who is going to withstand a bowl of fresh popcorn? It is really high in fibers and you can add flavour with the addition of butter, salt or herbs. While most of the people fix popcorn by using the microwave -this is the easiest method- there are numerous disadvantages to that: a higher calorie count and it is more expensive. You will discover a good alternative: a hot air popper.

Hot air poppers don't have the same problems as microwave popcorn. Using hot air instead of oil, tabletop-size electrical popcorn poppers produce a delicious, healthy, low-fat snack.

When you use a hot air popper you have to take several precautions. Don't get away from a hot air popper since it could possibly begin to spit out very hot corn kernels. To stop this you may hold the appliance tilted for the first 30 seconds. The instant the corn kernels start popping you may put it level once again.

Nearly everybody is aware of the necessity of cutting down calories in our diet. Using a hot air popper you can make lower calorie - and delicious - popcorn: obtain a can of cooking oil spray. Cook the popcorn as normal (without the need for oil) and once the popcorn comes out, sprinkle it using the cooking spray and a pinch of salt if you want. The oil spray is made up of less than a teaspoon of calories per batch but it makes the salt stick to the popcorn!

Entertainment with your popper

You'll have fun with your popper and impress the youngsters all at once. Certainly there are usually a few corn kernels left on the bottom that did not pop. And every time, 1 or 2 will go off just a few seconds as soon as you pull the plug. Hence, this is what you need to do: take out the plug, carefully raise your index finger and point, magically, at the popper. Bang! Blow smoke off your imaginary gun barrel ;)

Make the best popcorn

This will likely take you a tad bit more work as compared to usual procedure, however you will get rewarded soon after!

Firstly: under no circumstances leave your machine unattended at any time

1. Instead of pouring the popcorn in a chilled appliance pre-heat it first by plugging it in for at least three minutes, with the top fully off! While waiting, place kernels in the measuring container and fix some beverages.

a. Right after the unit is heated you can pour the corn kernels in and put the top on. Do not place the measuring cup on the top yet! Like this the popcorn kernels will likely not blow into the bowl, instead they will circulate and remain inside.

b. When you hear the first tiny pop (will take about 1 minute), rapidly place the measuring cup on top. Following this the popping will likely be very speedy.

c. If popcorn begins to build up (ie not blown into the bowl) it could start to burn. You can prevent this by taking the cold top and shaking the machine (at a small tilt) until the kernels drop into the bowl just as before and start blowing in on their own.

d. Enjoy your great tasting popcorn with your topping of your liking!

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