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Psychic Crystals and Gemstones: What Do They Mean?

Psychic crystals and gemstones are known to contain a special form of energy that help people in many ways. The use of psychic crystals and gems for a variety of purposes date back to early times, and they were both mentioned in historical facts and mythical literature.

Generally speaking, both gemstones and crystals are said to give off a very powerful amount of general, very powerful that it can break through the levels of a person's awareness -- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Because gemstones and crystals have the psychic power to transmit and receive energy, it can be used to initiate healing, cleanse the aura, induce visions or dreams, and even in developing psychic abilities.

Each crystal and gemstone has its own distinctive energy vibration, so each one has a specific function. Listed below is a run-down of 10 typical psychic gemstones and crystals and their typical functions.

10 Common Psychic Gemstones and Crystals


Amethyst is termed as the "Master Healing Crystal." This psychic crystal can sooth and balance emotions; this is the reason that it is used for alleviating of matters related to blood and breathing. Amethysts are also used as dream stones -- they eliminate insomia and create pleasant dreams. Furthermore, it is also a power, knowledge, and a defense stone.


Amber by technicalities isn't a crystal, it is a mineral. Usually, amber is used to take in negative energy because it converts it into positive energy. For healing, amber is noted to take care of stomach, spleen and kidney, and joint troubles. The energies of amber are normally used to attract love, healing, protection, power, and luck.

Blood Stone

The bloodstone is known as the "Stone of Courage" given that it is said to guard one from evil's eye. Its energies are for power, defense, and healing. Often known as Heliotrope, its healing attributes cover overall body circulation -- purification of the blood, liver, and kidneys.


Turquoise is said to be the gemstone connection to the psychic realm. This gemstone is the symbol of wealth, psychic sensitivity, protection, luck, and love. The healing abilities of this stone include anorexia, depression, stress, high blood pressure, throat and lung problems, infections, the teeth, and the so-called TMJ syndrome. Overall, turquoise improves one's immune system and healing abilities.


Fluorite is the "Genius Stone" because it can enhance one's focus and it helps in decision-making. Typically, this gem is used to absorb and neutralize negative vibes as well as heal disorders like ulcers, colds, flu, headaches, Herpes canker sores, ear, nose and throat problems, among many more.


This specific psychic gemstone relates to love, healing, money, and protection. It is particularly helpful for kidney, heart and stomach conditions, and not to mention it encourages self-healing.


Topaz is a soothing, empathetic psychic gemstone that directs energy to the place it is most needed. Generally, it is used to promote healing of the skin and wounds, and disorders connecting to the endocrine, liver, and gallbladder. Topaz stimulates feelings of peace, love, and joy.


Hematite is noted for its psychic forces to heal complications connected to the bones, insomia, and anxiety. It also heightens absorption qualities of the small intestine. Along with these, hematite is also linked with improving relationships and one's intuition.


Sodalite can be your remedy to say goodbye to anxiety and panic disorders. Other healing attributes of this psychic gemstone include purifying of the organs, developing metabolism, and enhancing the immune system. Furthermore, sodalite brings in inner peace.


Last but not least, tourmaline is known for its healing features with asthma and lung problems, arthritis, pain, swelling and immobility, low back pain, issues with the nervous system, neuralgias, migraine headaches, and constipation. Tourmaline stimulates peace of mind, and its other colored variants bring in love and success.

In general, psychic crystals and gemstones help people in many ways. Because of this, increasingly more people use them all the time. These days, you can notice these psychic stones in kinds of home decors, pendants, trinkets, and jewelry.

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