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Mormon LDS Church - Polygamy, Rape and Religious Conspiracy

One would have to ask what all of these words in the title actually mean to one another. To fully understand the concept of this one has to take a look at Warren Steed Jeffs. This individual is a self proclaimed prophet who supposedly is a Revelator and Seer of the will of God . It is stipulated that he does this to meet his own means and there is the speculation that Jeff is the modern day version of producing false doctrine.

Jeffs was born in 1955 and is holding the position of president of the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.. This is a group of individuals that broke off from the standard Mormon church and this apparently took place many years back when polygamy was banned and Jeff claims to be a prophet or a seer ass is referred to in the standard Mormon religion.

There are great arguments made here about how the false doctrines can lead to having perverted living and to the point where it abuses humanity. There is nothing new about the Holy Scripture being taken and twisted by evil individuals who only do so to serve their own purposes.

The standing is that there is that no where in the Bible does God ever allow polygamy or promote it. If one goes back to the beginning of time Adam was only given one wife not several. As time progressed Kings and Rulers back in those times would take on more wives but suffered the wrath of God for doing so. Their judgment was always perverted and they were poor leaders based on the polygamy and what they believed in. There is no way that polygamy could be classed as God's will. If one wonders if this goes unpunished all one needs to do is take a look at what happened to Warren Jeffs

By 2006 he managed to be placed on the 10 most wanted list of the FBI and this was because he was hiding from the law because he didn't want to be prosecuted. However in mid-2006 he was apprehended during a routine traffic stop and at this time faced several charges. Amongst the many of these included accomplice to rape and for arranging marriages for girls that were under age. However it must be said that there are no state records show that any marriage license was issued for young girls at the age of 13 or 14 andso far none of these specific charges have been brought against him.

Back in June 2005 Jeffs has been charged with sexual assault on a minor and several other such charges as well.

In 2006 in Britain there was a documentary carried out and the program was about the presenter who was searching for Warren Jeffs, referring to the man with eighty wives. This took place before just Jeffs hit the FBI's most wanted list. In 2003 there was a book published regarding this spinoff of the Latter-Day Saints which is the fundamentalist mostly based on the fact of their support of polygamy. When Jeffs was found there was no doubt that he was on the run. He is being held without bail and faces many charges. All of this goes to support just how wicked Jeffs was and in the end of it all he is meeting his just reward by sitting in jail waiting to answer for all of the alleged wrong doings.

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