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Mormon Missionaries - A Manifesto of Faith and Reason

There is no doubt that it is easy for others to be critical of another's religion. There has been a great controversy over the Mormon religion which is officially known as the Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. For a young person that is part of the Mormon missionary being in school and being of this it can be quite trying. Most often even those that are closest friends that are non-Mormon cannot understand why someone would want to be involved in such a religion that has such a on Orthodox doctrine.

Must be remembered that the young Mormon men are expected to take a missionary stance once they turn 19. One such individual that relates his story of being a young Mormon in school also relates this very statement of what he is being faced with.

This particular individual that was being prepared to become a missionary needed to know in his heart that he was doing the right thing. Naturally relying very much on the teaching in Scriptures what is considered written by their prophet Joseph Smith who was the individual who started the Mormon religion. This was based on a vision that he believed that he had and the commandment of God to start a new church.

The Mormon base their relationship with God on personal experiences and not on something that theology has taught. According to Joseph Smiths teaching is he feels the requirements are time, experience and thought for the religion this young individual were referring to here. After much study and praying felt that in his heart the book of Mormon was true. From that point on he spent several years teaching everyone that he met as this was part of his missionary responsibilities. These young missionaries must devote two years of their time to their missionary calling. This means that everything is put on hold it including their school and their career and they must also financially support themselves through this time. There is a great deal of animosity that they face during their missionary experience from nonbelievers.

Basically what the young missionaries will hang on to is the positive response that they get from some of the people that they approach. Their sole purpose is to look for new converts and to teach those that know nothing about the Mormon religion about what the book of Mormon is all about.

One of the things that they are steered away from is into getting into debates regarding religion. It is a strong belief that it is the missionary work that builds and strengthens the Mormon church. Many of these missionaries have the main goal to get people to understand and give their religion chance rather than making an opinion without having the knowledge on which they are basing their feelings on. what the Mormon discrepancies are based on. Perhaps things that went on in the beginning of the religion have since changed but the stigma has carried through.

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