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The Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks of the Last 10 Years

The decade is almost over, and it's time to reflect on it a bit. Being the big sports fan that I am, not to mention the fact that I'm watching football right now, I thought that it'd be nice to take a look at the top 5 quarterbacks of this past decade.

My rankings factor in the overall performance over the last 10 years, rather than who may be better than who at present. Based on this, we're going to remember what's transpired in seasons past in determining who finished where on this list.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and I'd love to hear any feedback if you happen to disagree with me. Here we go.

Coming in at number five on my list is Kurt Warner, the veteran quarterback who is still going strong to this day. As the current leader of the Arizona Cardinals, he added a second Super Bowl appearance to his resume last season. Warner shows no signs of slowing down at this point.

Next up is Brett Favre. The veteran QB still looks great to this day, but his lack of a Super Bowl run prevents him from going any further here. Still, it's hard to argue against the fact that Favre has been amazing.

Donovan McNabb may not be better for his career than Favre, but the decade has been a better one for McNabb without a doubt. He's come one game away from the Super Bowl five times and it's clear that he's been the most consistent NFC quarterback during this span.

Tom Brady. With his three Super Bowl rings, a 212-90 career record, and a 93.4 career QB rating, all of which took place during the course of the decade, Brady has been phenomenal.

Peyton Manning has been consistently amazing throughout the course of his career. This decade was no exception, as the Colts have been a constantly competitive team and always a threat to win the AFC. Manning is one of those quarterbacks who only surfaces once or twice per generation.

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