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At Home Tanning and Looking Great

A day on the beach can be fun and comfortable as it's becoming more widely known that some daily sunlight is necessary for great skin and great health. However, the problems of the beach and the hazard of overexposure make a tanning bed a much better choice for managing your vitamin D3 intake. A tanning bed gets a bad rap as most people have been led to believe that they are bad for your skin and can even result in skin cancer. On the other hand, recent studies are showing that time in a tanning bed is able to negate the chance of over exposure and help cut down your chances of breast cancer! Consider the book by Dr. Joseph Mercola offered on the website.

A home tanning bed will give you the peace of mind that where you are laying is a clean surface free from the residues left behind by the person who got in before you. Buying a home tanning bed indicates that you are in complete control of every aspect of your tanning. Don't ask yourself if the little "This bed has been sanitized" sign is telling the fact or not, know that it's tidy because of the fact that you or a member of your staff cleaned it!

The Renew Plus Lamps offered recently are another great new breakthrough in tanning. These lamps can:

• Decrease fine lines

• Energize skin cells

• Improve overall skin tone

There have also been discoveries with this technology in the treatment of Alopecia, a condition where hair loss can be complete and embarrassing.

ESB home tanning beds afford you the luxury to tan whenever you'd like and in the privacy of your own home. Previously there have been an worrying number of cameras and other peeping tom type incidences in tanning bed places. In January a tanning bed salon owner was imprisoned for the fourth time for coming into the tanning room and watching his patrons while they tanned without their permission. In September of 2007 a man was imprisoned from his hiding location on the roof of a tanning salon where a young woman saw him looking at her while she tanned. He was spared jail time. You can avoid these terrible stories by buying your personal home tanning bed and utilizing it in your personal area away from roaming eyes.

The beds and stand ups offered are listed on the website and include lots of options for you to opt for from. They also have complete lines of tanning accessories like lotions, eye protection, after sun care, and teas for you to make your experience comprehensive. Check out all of the information and products given on their website to look for which bed is right for you!

Having great looking skin can be a year round condition. If you are looking for indoor tanning, come and check out the possibilities!

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