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Buffalo Leather and Buffalo Hides

The American bison or buffalo dates from to the Native American Indians and the early days of the American frontier. This full grain buffalo skin is soft and supple and it will become a precious gift for years to come. Buffalo robes and moccasins with the buffalo fur side in for warmth are perfect for black power use and rendezvous.

You can buy a hide and have it made into a coat as buffalo fur is well known for its warmth and the ability to absorb large amounts of moisture. The Buffalo coat, handmade by a skilled leather craftsman, is three-quarter length with furry warm buffalo fur on the inside and an extended fur collar down the back.

Buffalo skulls are also painted to represent different spirits by artists and then showed in homes and galleries. Buffalo hides make cozy bedspreads, rustic rugs, or astounding wall hangings. The hide of the buffalo will protect you from the cold, from the heat, and from the rain. The Native American Indians declared that as long as you have the buffalo, you will never need to suffer. These tanned buffalo hides had a large number of uses for the native people. Usually, a buffalo robe made of a full skin, with the head fastened by the lips to the heads of their lounge- like, willow beds.

Buffalo meat is a very good for you alternative to beef. The Canadian Bison Association recommends buffalo meat as a healthy and natural diet of good tasting meat. Besides being a natural red meat, buffalo meat is low in fat, low in cholesterol, and high in protein. No antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals or growth hormones are used in raising buffalo. When you buy buffalo meat, nutritionally you are getting more.

The Native Americans had several uses for the Buffalo and the Buffalo Hides. Especially skins from albino bison were highly valued by most tribes. The list is endless. Further products made of buffalo skins are drums, tipi covers, clothes, shields, boats, bags, etc.

Buffalo robes and moccasins with the buffalo fur side in for warmth rounded out the winter wardrobe. Leather Unlimited offers quality rugs and fur products for our customers, at a reasonable price. Canada is home to some of the best and rarest fur bearing wildlife in the world. Several of the really quality Furs are harvested in Canada. The further North, the better the quality of the fur is, simply because of the cold weather conditions.

The buffalo leather is sold by the hide. These skins are full train or top grain leather. You can make many different products made from genuine Canadian buffalo leather such as moccasins, black powder accessories, and possible bags. Take home buffalo leather today to envision how it adds to your home.

Leather expert and knowledgeable Ethan O. Tanner explains the different types of buffalo hides and howbuffalo hides enhance your home

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