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Mange Treatment For Dogs And Cats: Simple Homemade Options

Mange is caused by infestation of mites. And it's nothing like simple flea infestation, as they dig beneath your pet's skin and live there. It's important to control its spreading and treat it, as it can be life-threatening. The following are some common home-made mange treatment for dogs and cats.

In half a liter of water, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and 1 to 2 tablespoons of borax. Mix or shake thoroughly until the borax has completely dissolved. Apply the solution all over your pet to prevent mites from multiplying. Leave the solution to dry naturally. It's best to do it once a week.

Try to give your pet a bath regularly. To really keep mange at bay, you may bathe your dog or cat once or even twice a day. It will also keep them from itching. Use warm water and soap each time. But if you wish to use shampoo instead, choose something that contains almond oil or lavender oil.

You may also prepare a special solution using lemon. Slice a lemon thinly, then place them on a cup of boiling water. Remember not to remove the peel of the lemon. Let it steep overnight. Apply it on affected skin using a soft sponge or a cotton ball. Local or pure honey will also provide the same benefits to affected areas.

There are many other things found at home which you can apply on your pet's affected skin. Plain yogurt contains acidophilus which will control the mites, as well as itching and irritation. Cooking oil is another effective topical remedy. Application should kill mites, soothe irritation, and soften the waxy deposits left behind by those parasites. You may also dilute garlic oil with water. It can kill mites, and prevent infections as it has antibacterial properties.

But before problems arise, it's best to perform some preventive measures early on. This way, intensive mange treatment for dogs and cats won't have to be necessary. You must know that even healthy ones already got some mites in them. However, their numbers may go out of control, and that's when it becomes a problem.

As much as possible, regularly wash or clean their beddings, or any other article they sleep on. Likewise, cleanse areas in the house where your pet frequently stays. Using soap and water will suffice. Give your dog or cat frequent bathing as well. This is a great way to keep the number of mites in control.

One of the causes of mange development in animals is poor nutrition and decreased immune system. With this, they have no means to have themselves protected. Their food should be something what a vet would recommend. Also, try adding finely chopped green leafy vegetables to their meals. Adding a teaspoon of fish oil or echinacea tea to their meals will give their immunity a boost.

Homemade mange treatment for dogs and cats is best paired with regular trips to the veterinarian's clinic. But still the best way to put off the infection is to take them to the vet right away as soon as some signs and symptoms are noticed. Keeping your dog or cat hale and hearty will stave off mange.

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