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The Importance of a Weekly Safety Meeting

Safety meetings can be held on a formal or informal basis and may encompass a wide variety of topics and issues.

The formal safety meetings are announced and preplanned in order to provide employees with information about safety week, training issues, regulations, hazard protection and many other important issues. Informal meetings are often a short seminar about one particular issue and are a very effective way to address a specific job or task that needs attention.

It is a well known fact that a safety meeting is an excellent way to encourage safety awareness among employees. When fellow employees get together and discuss the various issues and hazards they have encountered, together they can discuss ways to eliminate the hazards and increase each other’s knowledge in the process.

Holding a safety meeting is a great way to get employees actively involved in safety awareness and is a great way to get feedback from each other. A safety meeting is another way of getting employees to share information about common workplace hazards and to work together to come up with a solution to address the issues brought forth.

By holding a safety meeting you are getting your employees to become aware of how to properly use protective equipment, lifting techniques and any other safety procedures. It is also a good time to address safety hazards before they develop into larger problems.

Having a safety meeting is another way to present new safety rules, equipment and preventative measures. It is an excellent way to talk about new rules and to refresh workers about the rules that are already in place.

A safety meeting is an excellent way to keep employees apprised of information about accident causes and types, as well as how to avoid them. Safety meetings are a way for the company to maintain accurate accident statistical information and an important tool in tracking ways to prevent common workplace accidents.

Basic elements of safety meetings include advanced planning, proper preparations, adequate supervision and documentation. Sometimes selecting a particular topic for a safety meeting is not such an easy task, sometimes you can choose the topics if you review new laws and industry standards, review new company policy and procedure information, evaluate current industry safety standards and asking employees which topics they want to see addressed.

The best time to hold a safety meeting is first thing in the morning when all the workers are fresh and aware. Review the information and present any safety issues in an interesting and thorough manner, make sure the meeting begins and concludes at the projected times and present an agenda for the next meeting.

Safety meetings are an effective tool in keeping workers aware of the latest safety information in the industry. By keeping employees up to date on current and new industry safety procedures and rules, an employer will find workplace accidents are dramatically decreased, which results in substantial cost savings for the company.

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