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How to Fix a Lighter

A high-quality cigar lighter is one of those little luxuries that make life a lot more fun. The elegant finishes, environmentally-friendly nature of a reusable device and the reliable service make them as practical as they are indulgent. They will have trouble, however, from time to time. A lighter is such an inherently simple device that it's generally very easy to figure out what is causing the difficulty.

Most lighter problems will be traceable to a few specific areas. There may be debris in the fuel jet, there may be an air bubble in the fuel line or there may be something physically obstructing the igniter mechanism. All of these difficulties are easily remedied.

If the wheel on a flint-style lighter doesn't turn, first check for any obstructions. One may gently roll the wheel backwards to dislodge most items. If this doesn't work, remove the flints and see if anything falls out. The spring device that holds in the flint, unfortunately, oftentimes has the same gold color as do high-end lighter flints. Make certain that one is striking the wheel against a flint and not simply grinding it on the retainer spring. This sounds obvious, but is frequently the cause of problems.

If the lighter has an electronic igniter, there may be other issues at hand. Make certain that the igniter is producing spark. Don't stick one's face directly over the lighter when doing this, however! Simply cup a hand over the lighter to block out light, hold it away from the face and trip the ignition. It should give off a nice, visible spark. If not, check for obstructions. If there are no obstructions and there still is no spark, the lighter may need servicing.

If the igniter is physically obstructed, the remedy will depend on whether it is a flint or electric mechanism which is at issue. With a flint mechanism, never force the wheel. One may turn it backwards a bit and forwards again to try to dislodge any debris. Also ensure that one actually is turning it against a flint and not against the spring that holds the flints in place. This happens more than one may think. On an electronic lighter, make certain that there is spark. If there is not and no obstruction can be seen, the lighter should be brought to a service person. These devices are delicate and require a qualified technician to replace them properly and safely.

Brian is a business consultant for an online windproof butane lighter store and has expert knowledge of cigar humidors.

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