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Handling The Job Of A Live Electrical Wire

The thought of working with the live electrical wiring sends shivers down the body of the novices. Even the homeowners who possess some expertise of the trade avoid such tasks. The experts always advise you to stay away form the live electrical wiring. As far as the electrical repair works are concerned, one must cut off electricity before doing anything else.

In the rarest cases, you may have to work on an active electrical wire. The gravity of the situation doesn't permit you enough time to locate the electrical breaker box or the electric fuse. The loss of time could prove decisive in an electrical emergency. Some homeowners even fail to locate the breaker box or electric fuse. Such an ignorant attitude leads to heavy loss during an electrical emergency.

Consider the case of someone getting caught in a fatal electric shock. If the power supply happens to be DC (Direct Current) then you have to forcefully separate the troubled person. There are two ways where your course of action could go. Either you switch off the concerned breaker or dissociate the victim from the contact of the live electrical wire. The first option could take a lot of time for completion which in turn proves costly for the life of the caught person.

Second, you can cut the electrical wire that is making contact with the victim's body. The second option seems acceptable as it would release the victim instantaneously.

There are certain tips that need to be followed in order to accomplish the task with safety.

Do not try to touch the body of the affected person. Such an action would turn you into another casualty of the accident. Avoid throwing water or any other liquid on the person's body.

Put on your rubber slippers and gloves. If the gravity of the situation doesn't permit you enough time then go ahead with bare feet. Look for a long-handled wooden stick or baseball bat. A rubber stick can also serve the required purpose. Now, whack the point where the person is in contact with the live wire.

Take away the person from the site and give him immediate medical attention.

Scott Rodgers is a distinguished expert who has been authoring on electricians contents for a long time now. His exemplary guidance has given motivation to a host of workers, ranging from Harrisburg Electricians to Lenoir Electricians.

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