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Tips On Winning The Cash 3 Lottery

There are three types of lottery cash 3 numbers. The first type is called "single combos". Single combos are pick 3 combinations where none of the digits match. An example single combo would be 319, 383 or 657. The reason why these are single combos is because each of the digits is different from the others in the combination.

The second type of is called "double combos", which are pick 3 combinations such as 717, 228 or 552. The reason is because two of the digits from the pick 3 combinations match each other. Notice for the number 228, the number 2 comes out two times. The third type of pick 3 numbers is called "triple combos". Triple combos are numbers such as 777, 555, or 222. The reason being that three of the numbers are equal to each other.

Now, out of these three types of numbers, you have to realize what type of numbers appear more often than other categories of numbers. I have explored, analyzed, and sold the pick 3 lottery game for years, and have found out that 70% of the time, the winning numbers appear as single combos. Of the 30%, 25% goes to double combos, which leaves just 5% for triple combos.

However, some people say that triple combos come up just 1% of the time. In short, that means that about 99% of the time, it's either going to be a single combo or a double combo. So, to clarify those odds of winning: single combo = 70%; double combo = 29%; triple combo = 1%.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose a single combo choice for your pick 3 numbers if you want to be a regular winner. Picking double combos is okay because you will get bigger prizes if the winning numbers turn out to be double numbers. But, instead of focusing on the big prize, it's better to focus on having the best possible odds for yourself.

Having the odds consistently in you favor will see you accumulate the highest possible amount of money in the long run. So, start consistently going with the single combos in the pick 3 game and start winning in the pick 3 game now!

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