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Types And Features Of A Laptop

A laptop or notebook is a computer you can take with you. They are called laptops because they are small and fit on your lap. The laptop is essentially a small desktop computer. There are all sorts of different types of notebook computers. There are also different styles of them. Most contain the same common components that a desktop has only smaller and lighter. There are some qualities all laptops have such as weight, internet, and a long battery life.

Most notebooks have the same basic components. They have a mouse, track pad, or a track ball. Normally they also have a CD drive if not a burner or a DVD player. A keyboard and a screen is something that is a given but most modern notebooks have a port for a full-sized keyboard or monitor. If you plan on using your laptop as your main computer you should think about these extra ports.

Laptops are usually extremely light weight, usually coming in around five to eight pounds. Some the the ultra light weight ones are as small as two pounds. Each notebook is a little bit different and the weight of it should be looked at when purchasing one.

The majority of the notebook computers out there now have some form of wireless capabilities. If you happen to have a notebook that does not have a wireless connection you can always purchase adapters or an amplifier. In order to be completely portable wireless internet access is a plus for most laptops.

A lot of the notebooks out there have a battery life of three or more hours. Long battery life is important for those that travel with their notebooks. You can also get more battery packs depending on what you are doing. A batteries life goes down if you are doing things that require more power.

Today most full notebook computers are considered desktop replacement computers. There are also the smaller lighter netbooks which are built basically for surfing the internet on a portable machine. There are also gaming laptops which usually have a big screen and a very good graphics card. When choosing a notebook computer it is important to think about the features that you want and then find one in your price range.

You can purchase a basic laptop for around three hundred dollars. The high end gaming machines or desktop replacement computers can get up into the thousands of dollars. It is important to know exactly what you want out of a laptop before you purchase one so you don't end up paying too much for features that you don't need.

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