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How To Win Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Do you ever ask the store clerk or store owner for any help regarding what scratch tickets to buy? If you don't, you may be cheating yourself out of some money. You should be asking for clues as to which scratch tickets to buy.

Question #1 - Has any scratch off game been losing a lot lately? Your goal is to find out which roll of scratch off tickets has been losing and then make sure that is the roll that you buy your ticket from. If the scratch off game has been getting a lot of losers, then that roll is due a winner.

Questions # 2 - Are there any big winners in the scratch off tickets of a particular game? You want to see if the roll that you have decided upon has had any big winner already. If the roll has already had a big winner, then there won't be any more big winners in that roll. So, if the roll had a big winner, don't buy your ticket from that roll.

Questions #3 - Have there been any winners in this roll lately? You see, the store may have more than 2 rolls of tickets for a certain game. You need to check to see if there were winners of not only the game, but winners of a certain roll of tickets. You should avoid those particular rolls of tickets that have been paying out.

Questions #4 - What are the odds for that game as shown on the back of the ticket? You actually have certain rights when you make a purchase. When you purchase a scratch ticket, it is your right to know the odds of winning each game prior to purchasing a ticket. Ask the store employee to check this for you, and opt for one of the tickets with the best odds.

It takes just a minute to ask the above questions, and that is time is well spent if the answers you get lead to you finally getting your hands on that big money winner. Remember that scratch tickets are a game and, as with all types of games, if you want to be a winner then you have to play smart.

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