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Prepare Yourself for Success When You Quit Smoking

It doesn't matter if you have been smoking a short time or a long time, two times a day or a pack a day, it will prove to be very difficult to quit. Myself, like a number of people I'm sure, have tried a number of times to quit smoking, and each and every time I have started back for reason or another. Its frustrating to not be able to stick to quitting. It would be nice if there was someone here to constantly remind me of all the nasty things that smoking can do to. So what I am going to do for myself is find as much information as I can about not smoking, and try to use my own research as a reminder to myself so that I will eventually know what I need to do to be successful.

Cigarettes are addictive, and even if you know how bad it is for you, it still takes quite a bit of desire and determination to quit and stay quit. You will also need to take some time to prepare, so you can make sure you are mentally ready to give up smoking. Don't have the mindset that you will fail. If you have a mind set that you will fail, then you most likely will. You will need to keep telling yourself that you can make it through. Did you know the typical craving for a cigarette only lasts 3 minutes. So if you get a craving, set a timer and when that 3 minutes has passed congratulate yourself! If you take the time to make sure you are prepared in advance, it will make a difference in how successful you are when you attempt to quit.

If you know what to expect and how to handle situations that come up that will hinder your success when you attempt to stop smoking, it will be easier for you to stick with a method. Read them over and consider all your options and what you think would work best for you before you decide to live smoke free.

What are your reasons for wanting to stop smoking? Ask yourself this and write it down, make a list. If you are stopping because someone else is telling you to, then you are doomed to fail. You have to want to do this for yourself. Smoking is a personal decision to make, and so is stopping. You will have a hard time being motivated if you really do not want to quit yet. Like a lot of other people, my reason for wanting to stop is for my children. I want to be around for them later in life. Since I'm spending all this time taking care of them, I think it is only fair that I be around long enough for them to take care of me!

What are your reasons for wanting to smoke? Does it help you relax, do you enjoy the flavor, does it represent a few peaceful minutes in an other wise hectic day? For most it is associated with relaxation. Its a break from the norm, which will in turn become the norm. A little bit of "you" time. What you need to try to remember is what ever it is you are doing with a cigarette in your hand you can easily do the same thing without a cigarette. Go outside and walk around instead of smoking. You will be able to keep the same habit but without the cancer stick.

Research and Learn. Educate yourself on line and see what smoking really is doing to you. Know how it will affect your health and the consequences are of you lighting up. If you know some of the gruesome details then you it can be a great motivational tool. I have found some pretty nasty things on line about what smoking can do to you, so having a visual aid of the nasty will help you. There are some counters you can download on line, and once installed they will pop up when you turn your computer on. A little box pops up and tells you how much money you have saved and how much of your life you have saved by not smoking.

Set yourself up with a realistic goal. If you do not do this, and you set goals that you can not reach you will be setting yourself for failure. If it was an easy habit to break, there wouldn't be such a problem with people being able to quit. Since you know ahead of time that this will be hard habit to break, you need to set goals that are not impossible for you to reach. My most recent try to stop smoking, I tried out the "cold turkey" method. I did really well for 2 weeks, but then just round of stress and I was back on the smoking wagon! So now I know, cold turkey isn't for me. I can try something else, just because one method didn't work for me doesn't mean that no methods will work.

With that said, don't be discouraged if you do not succeed on your first try. This is very common, and most people can't stop on the first try. This is why it is important for you to be serious about wanting to stop smoking. You may end up trying several different ways to quit before you find one that works for you. You just have to make sure you don't get so discouraged that you give up on giving up. You will need to make some lifestyle changes to help with the temptation. It will be very hard to quit if everyone around you is still smoking. Go ahead now, before you quit, consider what you will do when these situations come up.

The better prepared you are, the easier it will be for you to stop. This will not be a task that you can complete easily if you do not start off with all the right preparations and knowing what to expect. If you just jump right into quitting you may be unsuccessful. Take the time to know what your options are before you start to quit and pick what you think will work best for you.

I'm trying to quit smoking and trying use writing my own resources to encourage me to stay on track. Follow me on my journey and see if I can make this work for me. Anyone trying to quit cigarettes can come together and see if any of this information helps!

Be prepared before you decide to quit smoking, then visit this site and arm yourself with information to help to quit cigarettes

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