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Top Ways Classrooms are Adapting to the Digital Age

Within the past two decades or so we have seen dramatic changes in how our world works by the integration of technology into our day-to-day lives. From the workplace to the gym, it seems technological advances are appearing everywhere! It is no surprise then that educators have followed the trend in order to stay current and attempt to serve students and their learning experience in the best way possible. Below are just a few of the ways that technology has been integrated in the classroom experience in the Digital Age.

Smartboards: Long gone are the days of overhead projectors using transparencies or slides. Like the olden days, Smartboards utilize a projector that is hooked up to a computer. The computer projects onto the Smartboard, which can than be manipulated via a special marker. Videos can be played with easer, or word documents can be edited for the entire class to see.

Mobile Computer Labs: Several schools have opted out of building a room designated as a computer lab and have begun to invest in laptops, which can be transported from classroom-to-classroom with ease. Teachers have noted that mobile computer labs facilitate easier transitions from one lesson to the next, as students are not asked to move to a different room, which can often be a distraction and a ‘time waster’.

Blackboard and Moodle: Many colleges and universities have begun to integrate online resources in order to make syllabi, documents, and other useful materials readily available for students. Some teachers also have their students post their assignments in a ‘digital drop box’ or post essays in a forum, where they can interact with other students. The two most popular versions of these educational databases are Blackboard and Moodle. Along with acting as an added resource for students outside of the classroom, the programs have also allowed for colleges and universities to create more online classes.

Powerschool: Similar to Blackboard and Moodle, Powerschool is an online grade book maintained by teachers that can be accessed by students and their parents. Students are able to check-up on their assignments, and parents are able to check up on their students. Additionally, it allows an easy, reliable way for teachers to stay organized and on top of grading.

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