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LG Optimus L7 - Design

LG have never really hit the top of the mobile phone wars and do slightly seem destined to stay on the periphery of the top echelon. They continue however to roll the dice and play the game, this time with the release of the Optimus range.

The buzz so far has been good. The L7 is the Daddy bear of the family, with the L5 and L3 completing the famous family of bears in that order. All come packed with a heap of technology and the promise of affordable price tags, making them an interesting product for those balling on a budget.

The L7 is however the focus of my article, in particular the design and how it can be interpreted.

One of the most interesting design features that immediately jumps out about the L7 is the size. With a 4.3 inch screen, it isn’t the largest phone on the market but it certainly isn’t the smallest. In fact, a 4.3 inch screen would have been considered a tablet just a few years ago. Now phones are beginning to bridge that gap and I think I know why.

With the rise of mobile shopping and even the usage of Facebook through mobiles, people are really getting use to doing the things they use to on their computers, on their phones. This offer a bunch of opportunities for mobile phone manufacturers who certainly want to offer the most user friendly phone for doing so. One of the best ways of doing that is to make a phone larger and faster. Really tablets have nothing over mobile phones, yet they have been massively successful. With a little larger screen, who is to say that mobile phones can’t do everything you want?

Aesthetically, the L7 still really looks like an LG handset. It doesn’t strike you as amazingly beautiful when you look at it, but it doesn’t make you gasp either. The silver outline gives the phone a shine, but it looks plastic and doesn’t offer the solid feel that other handsets do.

Overall the phone looks and handles well, but won’t blow anyone away. At least we can say that LG are consistent. They will sell constantly as well, and many L7’s are going to be network locked. In order to remove the lock you can unlock Optimus L7 mobile phones by ordering your individual unlock code. These are all stored on a database and can be provided by simply using the phones IMEI number. This can also be done to unlock LG handsets all of all models and isn’t just limited to the L7. are able to unlock LG Optimus L7 mobile phones by supplying the unlock code that is unique to each individual handset. This does work to unlock LG mobile phones of all sorts also.

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