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The No Contact Rules After A Breakup

There’s no doubt breakups are extremely emotional times of heartache and pain. For the one who was broken up with, this can be even worse. This article will explain the no contact rules after a breakup and why you should follow them.

The below steps for the no contact rules after a breakup should be followed whether you just want to get over your ex and forever move on or if you hope to rekindle the romance with your ex someday.

1. Determine if you can use the no contact rules!

Some relationship situations inhibit you from using the no contact rule tactic. No contact cannot be used if you work together with your ex, if you have kids together, or if you live with or go to school with your ex.

Not being able to use the no contact rules or the rules of no contact is a great disadvantage when it comes to healing from a breakup or getting your ex back.

2. No Contact Means No Contact!

There’s a reason why there are the rules of no contact or no contact rules. The emotional attachment has to be weakened in order for you to begin healing.

Breakups can produce heightened feelings of emotions, many of them negative feelings. Like having a heated argument with your partner, you need to let things cool off before trying to make amends.

When you’re emotional and irrational, the last thing you want is to interact with the person you fought with. There’s a high chance you’ll say and do things you’ll regret and forever damage any possible future relationship.

3. Remove Traces Of Your Ex!

You need to get your mind off your ex. Having gifts or things that constantly remind you of them will make things harder on you.

Trying to keep them from the forefront of your mind is the goal. Box up anything that reminds you of them and stuff the box somewhere hard to reach.

 4. Stay As Busy As Possible!

A way to help keep your ex from being at the forefront of your mind is to stay busy. When I went through my own breakup, I made up goals for myself. I dove back into my love for comic books, writing about them and selling them.

I also made the goal of meeting new people. The point is to not sit around doing nothing. Get out there and set some goals for yourself.

5. Improve Yourself!

You’ll learn really quick when you set positive goals you start to improve yourself bit by bit. This helps to raise your confidence, especially when it’s been deflated by the breakup.

If the reason you were broken up with has been a persisting problem with your past relationships as well, you need to fix them or no matter whether you get your ex back or find someone else the problem will continue to hinder you.

6. Get a complete strategy if you want your ex back!

No Contact is just part of a complete strategy in getting your ex back. It's a single stage that optimizes an entire strategy to work properly in giving you the best chances in getting them back.

This is the most important of the no contact rules, and the one rule that way too many people neglect.

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Still unsure about the no contact rules? Click the link to read and download the free ebook The Rules of No Contact, which details everything you need to know and follow concerning the no contact rules after a breakup.

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