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Facts to Know When Buying a Sacramento Real Estate Home

It is your right to purchase and own a real estate property but first things first, you have to make sure you get the best deal for your wife and children. Moreover, do not buy a property right away without asking the developer or even the home owner about the following vital questions;

Ask about the size of the lot and the floor area - Always remember that you have the prerogative to know the floor and lot area of your target property and it is also advisable to see the floor plan as well so that you can gauge if the property fits your family needs. You can ask the developer to provide actual photos of the home (Interior and Exterior) and also ask them if you are allowed to renovate the property when you plan to have future home expansion in mind.

Make sure to ask the total number of rooms and bathrooms - Bring up the idea and ask the developer about the possible number of rooms and bathrooms in your target property. When you have a big family, it is best and ideal to choose more than two huge sizes of rooms to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Check out also the measurement of each bedroom before making a decision. See for yourself how big or small every room is so you can determine if the rooms can hold bulky furniture apart from the bed and other personal belongings you want to put in. To really figure out if the rooms fit your needs, you may ask the developer or home owner to provide at least the floor plan of the bed rooms and the bath rooms as well so you can have the full detail of what you are trying to purchase.

Attend an open house – Serious buyers would resort to attending real estate open houses just to check the property personally. This is very advisable when you feel that the floor plan you have and the actual property photos are not enough to convince you to purchase the said real estate home. Make time to attend the open house organized by the developer and see for yourself if the property fits your family’s needs. Check out as well if the home has a perimeter fence so you can be sure that the property is well secured against intrusion from the outside world.

Make a reservation – If you are satisfied with the property then make a reservation immediately. Just remember that reservations are just valid for a month (depends on the developer) and will be forfeited if you don’t pay the down payment after one month of reservation.

Pay the monthly down payment and amortization – You have the option to pay the total down payment fee by paying monthly equal terms (12 months) or pay it in full. Some developers would allow you to pay the down payment in 18 months which will make the payment a little longer but more affordable for the budget. Apart from that, you can avail of in-house or bank financing, payable in 15 to 30 years.

Check the contract – When buying a property, make it a habit to check the property first before signing any contract. Learn and understand the real estate terms written in the contract and if you agree to the terms, sign it immediately.

Move in to your dream house – After paying the down payment, and when you have already signed the contract, you may start moving in to your dream home immediately. Just don’t forget to pay your monthly amortization depending on the terms you have chosen.

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