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Michael Fiore Across The Bow Text Examples After The No Contact Rule

The old question of "What to do after the no contact rule," has been an extremely vague topic as well as "what to say when you're suppose to break the no contact rule?" This question has been answered by Michael Fiore and what he calls across the bow texts. Before I give you some Michael Fiore across the bow text examples, I'm going to create a checklist of what you need to consider before you attempt to contact your ex again.

1. Are you still needy and desperate?
2. Have you moved on from the breakup?
3. Did you improve yourself in some aspect?
4. Did you eliminate what it was that caused the breakup in the first place?
5. Are they truly worth getting back?

These are very IMPORTANT things to take care of before you attempting to get back an ex. You must realize you want them back but don't need them back. You cannot be in the emotional state you were shortly after the breakup. There must be something new and improved about you to grasp their curiosity, and you have to figure out what went wrong and changed it or you'll just end up broken up with again even if you get them back.

Sorry, but that's the truth. Sometimes, after the pain and dust settles from the breakup, you may find you don't even want them back. That's okay, too. Perhaps, they really just weren't good for you.

Nevertheless, if you really believe they are worth it these across the bow text examples will help you to reconnect with your ex. Remember, however, across the bow texts are only used to open the door for more communication with your ex. They are just one step to an over all process of texting your ex back.

A. Just saw the movie Water for Elephants and it made me smile remembering how excited you were when we saw the previews for it. I hope you're doing well.

B. Walked by the gourmet chocolate place downtown and remembered how much you loved their chocolate covered pretzels. Made me think of you for the first time in a while and put a smile on my face. Hope you're doing great!

These are examples I made up using Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back system, and they are all unique to a particular girlfriend. That's the great thing about Michael Fiore's system. Not only does he teach you the steps to escalate from first contact to seducing your ex again, he teaches you how to make custom texts that are unique to your relationship with them.

If you're not sure about across the bow texts, click the link to learn exactly just why these Michael Fiore across the bow text examples are so powerful in re-establishing communication with your ex again .

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