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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Specifications

Following its release in November 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the most recent addition to the Galaxy family. Released into a world where the Apple iPhone and Samsung’s other handset, the Galaxy S2 dominate, it’s probably worth looking at why the Nexus thought it could measure up against these two giants.


At first glance, the specifications are impressive. Lets start by looking at the screen. Super AMOLED is a technology that has been impressing since 2010 and is still consider one of the higher end specifications. With 16M of colours, the Nexus is certainly making sure all 4.65 inches of its screen look amazing. 720 x 1280 worth of pixels also makes sure the images look extremely well detailed and probably the best way to use such a long lasting and impressive technology.


The dimensions are also pretty good. As already mentioned, the 4.65 inch screen is pretty big, and even shadows over the massive Samsung Galaxy S2, which measures a mere 4.3 inches. The impressive part of the Nexus is however how thick (or thin) it is. 8.9mm is very thin for a phone that large and just shows how well advanced the handset is to have that much technology and be so iddy-biddy small.


The camera isn’t amazing. 5 megapixels isn’t going to set too many camera ethusiasts hearts racing. Especially when you compare it to the handset that Nokia recently announced which has a 41 megapixel camera built in. The 1080p video capturing is however very up-to-date and impressive. With the top end of HD technology being included, you’ll be able to enjoy the video’s in all their glorious detail on any screen size you can find (unless your Bill Gates and have a 20 foot TV - in which case you’ll probably have a Windows phone anyway so that’s irrelavant!). The camera also has face recognition technology and geo-tagging, just so you know.


Lastly, there’s the impressive dual-core 1.2Ghz processor. Now in a world when phone speeds are essential for anyone looking to surf the web, this is vital. With a processor speed set to rival any PC I’ve bought pre 2005, that’s pretty good. You won’t get stuck opening a new page any time soon and with all the latest 3G frequencies being compatible with the phone, you’ll be surfing as fast anyone.


As you can see by the tone I’ve used to describe otherwise meaningless numbers, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an impressive smart-phone. Whether or not it will outsell the S2 and iPhone is a different kettle of fish, but the ingredients for the stew are all in the pot.


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