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Top 5 Healthcare Settings in US with High Demand for Nurses

Lucky are the registered nurses today because according to the authors of the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-11 Edition of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 2.6 million job opportunities in the US for professionals in nurse uniforms. And these employment opportunities for RN are available in various work settings until 2018.

The said bureau also identified the top 5 segment/divisions in healthcare industry wherein there is a high employment demand for skilled individuals in nurse uniforms. Check out below what are these work settings.

  1. General Medical and Surgical Hospitals – This remains the most common work setting for health professionals in nurse uniforms. Around 1.5 million jobs are available in various medical and surgical hospitals in the US. Registered nurses who are employed in the said setting are predicted to receive an hourly mean wage of $342.99 or approximately $68,500 per year. And when it comes to work, these experts in nurse uniforms are the ones responsible for admitting, discharging, performing treatments, and administering medications to patients in medical/surgical department.
  2. Offices of Physicians – An estimate of 232,000 jobs is available in this type of work setting and that is a little bit lesser compared to employment rates in general medical and surgical hospitals. However, health professionals in nurse scrubs uniforms who work in offices of physician are expected to receive much higher salary because their hourly mean wage is $33.91 and that is about $70,500 annual mean wage. Nurses working in the offices of physicians or simply called office nurses/medical assistant are primarily responsible for assisting in the delivery of health care and patient care management.
  3. Home Health Care Services – This is the third division of US healthcare where nurses can expect for good employment opportunities. About 146,300 jobs are needed to be filled in home health care services and nurses in this type of work setting are paid fairly, with an average hourly salary of $30.70 or $63,800 per year.  Home health care nurses are tasked to provide care in a unique setting like patient’s home hence; these skilled individuals in nurse scrubs uniforms will be working with the patient and the family.
  4. Nursing Care Facilities – Employment opportunities in nursing care facilities for registered nurses is also high according to BLS report. Around 134,400 jobs are available in the said work setting and nurses can expect for an average hourly wage of $28.84 or averaging to $59,900 per year. These professionals outfitted with good quality nurse uniforms are tasked to provide care for adults who are no longer capable of performing those activities for daily living at the same time provide care to elderly who are suffering from acute and long-term illnesses and diseases.
  5. Outpatient Care Centers – There are about 89,000 jobs available for registered nurses in outpatient care centers. Professionals in nurse uniforms who will be working in such setting can expect for an hourly mean wage of $32.47 and that is approximately $67,500 average salary per year. Outpatient care nurses or ambulatory care nurses work in outpatient setting like ambulance, day surgery units, schools, community centers, etc. These health experts in nursing scrubs uniform are responsible for providing patients with medical care ranging from wellness/prevention methods to illness and support of terminal patients.

Several surveys proved that nursing is really among the in demand professions today. However, the author also believe that a person has to undergo first a lot of challenges and sacrifices before she can officially wear nurse uniforms as her everyday workwear.

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