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Which Eye Chart is More Reliable to Use?

The eyes are just one of the vital organs of the human body that are expected to degenerate over time. As the hair turns grey, the eyes seem to dim too. And based on the latest global statistics on blindness and vision impairment that was released by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, around 80% of the total population today are having vision problems. And these people are either suffering from blindness, vision impairment, or low vision due to uncorrected refractive errors. For this reason, health professionals whose basic medical instruments is an eye chart, highly advise each and everyone to regularly undergo an eye exam so as to immediately take necessary measures in case minor problems arise.

Traditional procedure of conducting eye exams is done through eye chart tests. A typical eye chart is just like an ordinary poster with 6-lined characters, appearing in a descending font size. The specialist performs the procedure by requesting the patient read each character provided on every line. The specialist will base his vision acuity findings on the ability of the patient to perceive the characters found on the eye chart.

However, along with the advances in technology, different methods of conducting eye testing are also introduced. Nowadays, high-end measuring tools for vision tests and much improved procedures are being used. An excellent example for this is the availability of eye chart applications for mobile and the introduction of computerized eye testing.

Conventional vision test is highly applied these days, though; some specialists are practicing already the computerized vision testing. Others are installing them on their mobile with eye chart apps for a more convenient usage. In terms of usability, it is not undeniable that these so called “advanced forms of vision testing” are much better than conventional ones. But, if reliability of the results is the issue, many eye care specialists would still agree that the result of vision test performed using the standard eye chart are still more accurate.

With so many eye chart apps being introduced these days, it makes people wonder about its reliability. Are these advanced eye chart gives result that are as accurate as the standard ones?

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