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About Investing in Kitchen Knives

An artist is only as good as her tools allow her to be - especially for the culinary arts as having quality tools takes a lot of the sweat and effort out of prep and cooking. Investing in quality cooking knives, tools and accessories is going to be a life-long occupation. That said, if you know what to look for, you don’t need to mortgage the house to buy quality cooking knives.

Do your research; go to your local knife store, or kitchen store, and sample the available cooking knives. You will want to find one that you can balance by holding it with one finger on the flat side of the blade, right below the handle. Talk to the salesperson to be sure the knife you choose is of good quality. You want to be sure the knife you choose feels good in your hand. Some people like a heavy knife, some people prefer a lightweight knife. Your comfort is just as important as the quality of the knife. Once you have found what you like, then find a find a supplier you will enjoy working with who has a good return policy, in case you change your mind.

Chef’s Knife

If you are buying good quality cooking knives for the first time, or just setting up house you only need to buy a few basic tools to work with. A quality chef’s knife is essential for prep and chopping things like peppers, onions and the like. If you cook a lot you will find that the work goes much faster and takes less effort with a quality chef’s knife.

Do not buy cheap knives at your local big box retail outlet. I repeat, do not waste money on a cheap knife.  Using cheap quality knives can put more stress on your body and lead to developing carpal tunnel syndrome, and you will find it impossible to keep a sharp edge on it.

Get a good quality forged steel chef’s knife with an ergonomically designed grip. Don’t choose the cheapest one, or the first one you see. You will want a knife with a blade between 6 and 10 inches long. Invest in one good chef’s knife that you can use for decades instead of a series of cheap throw away knives that lose their edge quickly. You can get a great chef’s knife for under $200 and a good one for around $100.

Paring Knife

The second knife you will need is a good paring knife. Once again do not skimp on this investment. You will literally use this knife for years and buying quality means easier work, less effort and keeping your attention on the food where it belongs.

Get a paring knife with a quality forged steel blade that will take an edge easily. Good quality knives sharpen with just a few strokes on the steel so that you can start carving those delicate tomato roses quick and easy.

Get a paring knife with an ergonomic grip to make the job easier. If you do a lot of prep work, your hands will thank you for it. Buying a quality paring knife is one of the best opportunities to get quality for a good price. You can find high quality carbon steel Kershaw paring knives for under $20 or if the budget permits get a professional quality paring knife for around $100. The return on your investment will be years of faster and less stressful kitchen prep.

These three knives will be the big guns in your kitchen arsenal. Invest a bit more to get quality knives now and you can add other cooking knives as time and your budget permit. Cooking knives that handle well, feel good in your hand and keep their edge well are any cooks best friend in the kitchen.

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