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Latest Sacramento Real Estate Selling and Buying Tips

Speaking about Sacramento Real Estate Industry, realtors would agree that selling or buying homes to would be clients is really difficult and sometimes can be very complicated, most specially if you are a novice realtor. So, to help you sell and buy properties for your prospective clients, I made a simple guide / tips that you can use in your daily real estate transactions. Feel free to check them out below.

Tips in helping home buyer buy a property

Know your client’s preferences – Do not look for a house right away without knowing your client’s preferences (These include the looks of the property, house & lot area and even the amount they prefer). Set an appointment with your client and ask whether they like an up and down homes with garden or if they just want a bungalow type of home but with provision to have a second garage. You also need to ask their budget. This is a must so you can really gauge what type of properties they are capable of buying.

Be sincere to your client – One of the issues that needs to be addressed by realtors are their sincerity toward their clients. There are realtors who are after the commission so they don’t care if they have provided the services clients want to get from them. But always remember that as a realtor, you need to show some sort of sincerity when dealing with clients to get their trust and confidence. Just think about the commission when the transaction has been sealed and closed according to the client’s preferences.

Help the client understand the contract – As a realtor, it is your sole duty to help the client understand the full content written in the contract. You may sit down with your prospective client and explain everything to him. Do not leave him uninformed with the contract to avoid problems in the future, especially when it comes to property agreement matters.

Tips in helping home sellers sell a property

Make sure the home / property is in good condition – Do not allow a home seller to get your service if the property he is selling is not in good condition. Keep in mind that you are the one who will be tasked to look for home buyers and presenting a home that is not in good condition is really embarrassing and will affect your credibility as a realtor. So, to avoid such predicament, let the home seller do their job by repairing all the necessary things inside the house before you put it on your listings or before you show it to would-be buyers.

List home seller's property in various mediums – As a realtor, you are tasked to put the home seller's property to different real estate listings. This way, you can find possible buyers for the said property. Use your own website to list the home seller's property and / or you can even put it through the Department of Real Estate (DRE) portal for free. Real Estate magazines and broadsheets also accept home listings with a minimal fee, but broadsheets and magazines are updated every week so you really can’t see abrupt results through this medium.

Advise the home seller to let their property be appraised – Of course you cannot evaluate the exact amount of the home seller’s property unless you have a background is appraisals. So, let the home seller consult a professional who can appraise the property before you list it. The appraisal method will give you an idea how much you can sell the property for.

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