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Where Would the Artist Be without the Art Easel?

No artist is complete without an art easel. This item although not a new concept is a great asset for the artist as it offers functionality and ease of us.

The art easel is of simple design, but consists of a variety of different styles and sizes with the majority being manufactured from either wood or metal. Each easel has a variable degree of usages, with the primary focus being to enable the artist to have a fixture for holding a variety of objects such as art supplies and canvas or paper whilst drawing and painting.

The art easel is an extremely versatile tool for the artist with nothing really comparing to its useful ability. It provides a stable element for the artist, ensuring the painting stays in one place, lessening the chance of spillages and damage whilst allowing the user to either sit or stand whilst working.  

Certain easels have extended features such as having adjustable legs with additional canvas trays giving the user the freedom to work at a variety of angles, heights and surfaces.

The variety of art easels is pretty extensive being made of up of the following:-

Tabletop Easels are a convenient tool for studio’s and work areas with limited space. They are relatively small, so are no use for larger pieces of art work, but are a popular choice for the use on a table, possibly in the kitchen or dining room. Designed with either three legs or as a tripod this type of artist’s tool is extremely useful and comes with foldable features and additional storage options.

Studio Easels are a popular choice for large-scale artwork. They are large in size and can be pretty heavy with free standing abilities for the floor. Normally used indoors, this type of easel comes with wheels for easy moving and can be pretty costly. It is available in a range of size and styles depending on taste but overall this is usually utilized if you have a great deal of space and are working on a large project.

Sketching Easels are a favorite with artists who love to work outdoors. These are small portable easels that are very lightweight and fold away for easy transportation.

There are other forms of easels that are designed more towards displaying artwork.  The two main tools for this are the display easel and presentation easel. Both are designed for free standing abilities and are created from various metals and wooden finishes.

The art easel plays a vital role within the artist’s toolkit. It provides a versatile tool for helping the artist create watercolours, paintings, drawings and much more. It was first discovered during the Art Renaissance and since that period has transformed the way in which the artist works. Today it is still as valuable as the day it was discovered and enables the artist to work with absolute freedom and ease within a medium they love.  

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