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Laptop Repair - How you can Decide if Your AC power Battery Charger is Faulty

You'll find three items that may fail connected with the laptop battery charger; if any fail then the battery pack will no longer be charged and the laptop will shut off because of a lack of electric power. If the power light does not turn on after you connect the electric power pack then it may possibly be faulty. You can find three parts to the laptop electrical power supply, any can fail preventing the battery recharging or directly energizing the laptop. Eventually the battery may run out of power and the laptop will probably fail to run. Should the laptop charge lamp no longer turn on then it is most likely that the laptop charger is not supplying energy.

Check out or change the fuse found inside mains plug; based upon which region you reside in you could discover a fuse within the mains plug. If the fuse has failed then replace it with one of the appropriate kind and power rating. When a fuse blows over and over again then this generally implies a problem with your battery charger or power cord. While checking out the fuse make sure that the metal fasteners are tight where the wiring connect to the plug contact pins.

Check the power wire that connects from your wall power outlet to the battery charger is not broken. You must meticulously examine each end of the cord exactly where it joins to the ac power plug plus the outlet that attaches to the charger. If you carefully manipulate the lead you may notice exactly where it is becoming detached from the plug or socket. You will need to replace the entire cord plug assembly if it is badly twisted, bulging or shows minor deterioration.

Check the power supply itself. If it has an indicator light that will not illuminate once you hook it up to the wall power supply, then the fault lies with the laptop battery charger. This can nevertheless can provide an incorrect result should you connect the battery charger to the laptop when the laptop has a mother board fault. So you ought to always test with the battery charger shut off from the laptop. A lot of battery chargers do not come with an indicator lamp or the light comes on as expected when you connect the mains energy. Next take a look at the cord where it joins the low voltage connection that inserts into your laptop. It is quite common for the lead to fail at this point because the end user will generally bend it sharply. In some cases once you move around the wire the laptop charge light fixture will  briefly come on and off. Look into the wire where it comes out of the charger; this often breaks especially when you wind the lead round the body of the charger. If somebody has broken the cable either within the connector or anyplace down its length then your full battery charger will need exchanging because you can't change just the lead. Hardly ever, the battery charger itself might fail; this is difficult to diagnose with out substituting it with a replacement.

Laptop chargers do not usually break, nevertheless, the reduced voltage lead and connector normally fails because of the cord fracturing especially if an individual has bent it sharply or wound it around the battery charger. Therefore , if feasible you must not wind up the cabling soon after working with the laptop, but do detach it from your wall power plug.

Graham Kelly has been fixing laptops, notebooks and pc at component level. He is always very happy to give technical guidance and might be contacted at Trilogic's web site for laptop repairs

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